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The Story of Jesus

The story of Jesus told in a children book style. This was made for a religon project.

J Lee

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of The Story of Jesus

l l It all started when an angel of the Lord, Gabriel,
visited Mary, a virgin who had been pledged to be married to Joseph. He informed she was in favor with the lord, and soon she would give birth to a boy, who she should name Emanuel (Jesus). Mary agreed readily A few months later....
He decided to divorce her quietly,
as to not cause her shame. Mary was obviously pregnant,
and Joesph was not the father. When night came, Gabriel appeared to Joseph in a dream He then explained what was happening. Joseph understood, and when he woke up, took Mary to be his soon to be bride. A few months later Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem due to a census But when they got there, there was no room in the inn. Any of the inns. So they ended up staying in an old manger. Meanwhile, an angel appeared to some shepherds. He told them the good news of the birth of the savior. Then instructed them to follow the star to find Him. So they did And inside they found the
baby savior with his parents in a manger full of animals. Elsewhere, King Herod ordered the wise men to find the savior and give him gifts. Eventually they got to the manger Then gave gifts to the young savior Later that night, Gabriel appeared to Joseph in dream He told him about Herod's plan to kill Jesus and told him to quickly escape to Egypt Joseph then awoke and told Mary
they had to escape! So, they quickly got ready and headed to Egypt Egypt Then when Herod died They returned to Nazareth. So Jesus grew up up in Nazareth, just as the scripture had said. Nazareth Years Later.. 12 year old Jesus went the Jerusalem temple
with his parents While there, Jesus saw a sheep being sacrificed And then realized that this was his mission on Earth. He was going to be a sacrifice to save the world from sin. Mary and Joseph were heading home, when they realized something bad. They had lost Jesus!!! Elsewhere... They both started a frantic search for Him But they couldn't find him Then finally on the third day
of searching... They found Jesus at the temple, talking to the pharisees Jesus then asked them why they were looking for Him, because they should know He was at His father's house. But they didn't understand... Nevertheless, He then obediently went home with them "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." John the Baptist told the people that
one day a man would come that was
much greater then Him. Then one day, Jesus came to Galilee, to John's baptismal area. John asked Jesus to baptize him, but Jesus said He came to be baptized by John And while Jesus was being baptized... The Holy Spirit flew over Him, in the
form of a dove The Lord then proclaimed Jesus as
His son, one who he was very pleased with Afterward, Jesus went to the wilderness to fast He fasted for 40 days, and since He was still a human, he grew weak Since Jesus was weak, Satan
appeared to Him Satan tried to make Jesus sin three times But he failed each time Jesus then commanded Satan
to leave Jesus then collapsed, and angels came to help Him At passover "Take ye: this is my body" "This is my blood of the covenant,
which is poured out for many." Jesus brought Peter, James, and John to The Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus told them to wait for him Jesus went to pray for hours And when he returned... His disciples had all fallen asleep Judas than lead the Romans to Jesus.
Jesus was arrested. Pilate than talked to Jesus, but couldn't find anything wrong with Him. After Jesus was sentenced to death Pilate gave the people a choice. Let go Jesus or the criminal, Barabbas? The people chose Barabbas ''Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!!!'' And with that.... He took His last breath...and died. An unbelievable storm started, earthquakes shook the earth, and some people came back to life. “This man really was the Son of God!” Three days later... The veil was torn in half... Mary and Mary Magdalene went to Jesus' tomb. An earthquake upon the tomb, and an angel of the Lord told them that Christ had risen. Mary Magdalene rushed to tell the disciples the good news, but they didn't believe her. Jesus saw Mary Magdalene first Then He went to his disciples. They stared in disbelief. He showed them the holes in his hands Then they knew it was true! Jesus was alive again! Jesus stayed for 40 days
and preached with His disciples Then on the 40 day, Jesus went back to Heaven, to go and prepare a place for us all. The Story of Jesus By Janine Mozoomdar The End!
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