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No description

Christian Yu

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Photojournalism

by Christian Yu Photojournalist What do photojournalists do? Provide pictures for stories or news articles that will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of what the story is about Working Conditions What are the working conditions like? Work long irregular hours This includes DANGEROUS environments Can often be physically and emotionally
stressful Gear maintenance and upkeep
Do not have a dress code
Knowledge of a wide range of equipment
Location selection
Model selection
Lighting setup
Background selection or creation
Props management
Supervision of assistants
Working with art directors/stylists
Shooting the photo
Customer service Here are a couple typical duties a photojournalist has: Is the job difficult? Never really a typical day Can work in many different locations Possibly a lot of travelling A lot of standing and walking Different environments photographers have traveled to. JOURNALISM PHOTOGRAPHY Photojournalist EDUCATION AND TRAINING No special training required and length of any education or training varies
Not many programs specifically in photojournalism
Get internship to gain experience
Train under professionals
Students can also take courses in journalism and photography Journalism
Business Management Photography
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Media Arts
Visual Arts Photojournalism in Canada
SAIT Polytechnic - Calgary
Loyalist College - Ontario Journalism in BC
Thompson Rivers Photography in BC
Art Institutes
Emily Carr
Thompson Rivers How much do photojournalists make? Entry income range - $20,000 - $48,000
Income range after 5 years - $25,000- $55,000
Income range after 20 years - $40,000 - $70,000 Their income changes depending on their photographs What are some values and skills a person needs to be a good photojournalist? creative and quick thinking
good hand-eye coordination
technical understanding of photography and the camera
good interpersonal skills
Being a people person helps them to get more intimate photos and also to make contacts quickly in new environments
good writing skills
ability to judge what is newsworthy Richard Avedon, Dovima with Elephants Andreas Gursky, 99 Cent II Diptychon -2006 GUESS THE PRICE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH! One million two hundred thousand dollars Two million two hundred fifty thousand dollars Andreas Gursky, Rhein II Four million four hundred thousand dollars What is the public's perception of photojournalists and the career? Often considered of as only a "side-job" or "hobby"
A job that some people would consider when "things don't work out"
Photojournalists are offended when people say their careers are not a "real job"
A job more appealing to teenagers Edit and develop pictures to prepare for publication Schedule photo sessions with people and companies that are advertising or has a story to tell Often work for newspapers, magazines or websites Can work for different companies at the same time Statistics and other facts Photojournalism is a very competitive job
There will be even less job opportunities for this career in the future What are some equipment photojournalists are required to have? Camera! Optional equipment: Tripod Softbox External Flash
Unit Light Scoop Diffusion
Dome Extra Lens
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