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The Misfits

No description

Meg Oughton

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of The Misfits

Moment 1
- In second grade when Skeezie became friends with Addie, he became a better person.
Statement 2
That friends will support you for being you
Moment 1 - Joe's friends still supported him when he told them that he was gay.
Quote - "I've told you before Skeezie. I'm gay." "So your a little weird. We all are. That's why we're friends."
Statement 1
That you are stronger and a better peron when you are with your friends.
Moment 2 - When Addie convinces Bobby that he should do the speech and she will help and support him with it.
The Misfits

Quote - "It was Addie who decided in the second grade that what Skeezie needed was a friend...from that day on, Skeezie stopped making trouble."
Quote - "That's the speech Bobby and you've got to be the one to give it." "Me?" Bobby squeaks. "This isn't a speech it's just notes". "I was all set to convince you tonight that it was brilliant...but the truth is...my speech is a bunch of words and your speech is brilliant. Ok, maybe it needs some work to become a speech but i can help you with it and it will be brilliant."
Moment 2 - When Addie is writing everything they say in the forum. They find it annoying but do not judge her because of it.
Quote - "Do you have to write down every single word?" "Talk more slowly please." "Geesh"
What we learned:
We learned that if you have the right friends, they will support you and make sure that you are being the best possible you that you can be. That your friends can help you be the best of your abilities.
What we learned:
We learned that it is good to have friends who care strongly for you, someone that brings you all together and gives you confidence.
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