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communicable and non-communicable

No description

polie klassen

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of communicable and non-communicable

Communicable and Non-communicable

Lyme Disease
Breast cancer
Some earlier symptoms are....
flu-like symptoms
Later symptoms are....
joint pain
neurological problems
Lyme disease is spread by tics, mainly deer tics. If you are bitten by tic, then get it off you immediately. If you start to show signs of Lyme disease, then contact a doctor as soon as possible.
How Long It Lasts
Lyme disease can vary on how long it lasts by the time you treat it. If you treat it right away, then it will clear up in 2-3 weeks. If you treat it later, after about 2-3 months, it will take longer to clear up.
Some symptoms are...
Redness or pitting in the skin
Flaking or peeling of the skin
Changes in the skin
How Long it Lasts
Breast cancer varys on the time that the treatment you get lasts. The amount of time breast cancer lasts is based on what type of treatment you get. It usually lasts a few years.
One kind of treatment you can get is Chemotherapy. this treatment uses drugs to kill the cancer cells inside your body.
It is also good if you get gentile exercise after you treatment to help your body.
Some ways to prevent breast cancer are...
Limit the amount of alcohol you drink
Exercise daily
Maintain a healthy wait
Talk to your doctor
By Orion Klassen
Mrs.G's Class

Lyme disease is a communicable disease. Lyme disease is a disease spread by deer tics and other kinds of tics. . It can effect all parts of your body. Today I will tell you more about Lyme disease.
Treating the Disease
After you are diagnosed with the disease, your doctor could give you an assortment of anitbiotics to treat the disease.
Sometimes people still feel symptoms of the disease after they are treated. Why this happens is unknown.

Some ways to prevent the disease are....
wear long pants and sleeves
use insect repellant
try to tic proof your yard
check yourself and your family regularly (this includes pets)
don't assume you are immune
remove a tic as soon as possible.
Three Interesting Facts
1) Most cases of lyme disease occur in the early spring and summer.
2) There were nearly 30,000 cases of lyme disease in 2009.
3) To infect the host, the tic must be on the host for at least 36 hrs.
Breast cancer is a non-communicable disease that effects your breasts. It is commonly found in women, but male people can get it. It is a chronic disease. The disease is caused by breast cells forming abnormally.
1) Breast cancer effects women more commonly than men
2) 1 in 8 women will be dignosed with breast cancer in their life
3)Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women.

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