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Jerry Uelsmann

The Photographer

Clare Janetzki

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Jerry Uelsmann

By: Leanne, Clare, Priya and Hannah
Jerry Uelsmann
Born June 11th 1934
He grew up in a poor family
Became interested in Photography in High School
Studied at Rochester Institute of Technology (1953)
Graduated in 1957
Married Marylinn Kamichke
Had his first publication in Photography Annual
Began graduate school at Indiana University (1957)
At first he was going to study audio-visual communication
But in 1958 he transferred to department of Art
Jerry's life Continued
Jerry's Inspiration
Harry Callahan
Self taught photographer that would come to take pictures of the city and experiment with many different exposures.
Frederick Sommer
Was an artist that encompassed many objects in still life photography into pieces of artwork using paper, jarred subjects, ect.
Wynn Bullock
Used light as his medium in photography
Minor White
His photos were so special because of the light that would shine upon the objects
He would photograph simple mundane things like peeling wallpaper.
Jerry's Life
Worked w/ another student to produce a five part photography series for a local education television station
Went to Indiana and studied with Henry Holmes Smith
During his class he was discussing a photograph of a woman merged into a highway by Arthur Segal
He noticed a flaw in the picture and thought he could do a better job.
Graduated in 1960 w/ a master in the fine arts.
Joined university of Florida and began teaching photography.
1966 became associate professor and was elected to the board of directors of the Society for Photographic Education.
1973 made the Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of the U.K
1974 became a graduate research professor at the University of FL.
In the 1980's he publishes two books.
Still living today and taking photos today.
Galleries and Expositions
In 1957 had his first publication in Photography Annual.
1958 he and another student produced a 5 part series for a local TV station.
1963 first solo exhibition in at the Jacksonville Art Museum in FL.
1967 solo exhibition in Museum of Modern Art NY.
From then until now (he is still living) he has been making shows and exhibitions all over the world.
Change in Style
Untitled 1959
Untitled 1958-59
Untitled 1982
Untitled 1991
Forgotten Promise 2012
Voyager 2008
His Best Known for Work
Untitled 1982
Untitled 2003
Apocalypse 2 1967
Untitled 2000
Untitled 1967
Our Take on the Photos
By: Leanne
Our Take Cont...
Artistic Process
Photo Credit
By: Priya
First take on photo: Leanne Su
Second take: Priya Nakkiran
Other Photos:
Clare Janetzki
Hannah Avery
Our Inspiration
Our Inspiration
First Inspiration photo: http://hitonhyvatsumpit.blogspot.com/2012/11/viisikymmenta-televisiosarjaa-5-3.html
Second Inspiration Photo: http://rctc-photo-1.blogspot.com/2010/11/title-small-woods-where-i-met-myself.html
Why we are Inspired
Leanne's Inspiration: http://craiggoldwyn.com/books.html
Hannah's Inspiration: riseandfight.net
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