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Info Literacy

Info literacy presentation for 8th graders

Ulonda Slaughter

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Info Literacy

Finding your way to the right information Information Literacy Information Literacy "an individual's ability to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information" Knowing there's something you need to know School Research Project Knowing how to look for what you need to know Weather: http://www.weather.com/
Movie Times: http://www.movies.com/
Lucy Liu's films: http://www.imdb.com/ knowing what to do with the info once you get it once you've gathered all your info, you'll need to organize your notes so they fit that story you want to tell
don't copy the info word for word, but tell the reader what you've learned in your own words
remember to cite your sources Results from your intitial search will provide additional search terms. Use can use those terms to narrow your search.
Authority: can you trust the person who wrote this?
Relevant: does this information help you answer your project question? or knowing there's something you need to know
knowing how to look for what you need to know
knowing what to do with the info once you get it Gross, M., & Latham, D. (2011). Experiences with and Perceptions of Information: A Phenomenographic Study of First-Year College Students. Library Quarterly, 81(2), 161-186. Credit: Maggie Appleton at UWCSEA library What the weather's like What movies are showing in your local theatres Lucy Liu's films before "Iron Fists" Authority: who is providing the
info and can they be trusted (http://www.cmlibrary.org/)

Relevancy: does the info help answer your question

Currency: is this the most up-to-date info
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