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Yr. 6 Book Trailers

How to make book trailers for yr. 1&2 students

Heather Norman

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Yr. 6 Book Trailers

How do I make a book trailer? Step 1 Step 4 Step 3 Goal Why make a book trailer? Make your trailer short but sweet:
between 30 and 45 seconds long.
A script that is 10 sentences and has 10 photos should be about 30 seconds. Study the narration of the trailers you like. An Exciting Book Trailer ! Year 6 Book Trailers Write the script
-They are clever.
-They introduce the characters and action without giving away plot twists.
-End strong! "Read this fantastic book _____ to find out." -Trailers promote reading
-Creating a trailer will help you learn the skills you need to make your exhibition movie.
-And they're fun! To begin, choose a book you loved when you were in Yr. 1 or 2. 4. Find or take pictures. 5. Decide on the action to film. 6. Use IMovie 7. Import pictures, title, credits. 8. Match script to pictures & action. 9. Enhance and edit. 10. Add music. 11. Test and show. 12. Narrate. 13. Show! And then... Watch good book trailers. Step 2 Convince others this is the best book! borrowed from M. Harclerode
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