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laura mercado

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Gymnastics

Gymnastics: Uneven Bars: Olympics
Gabrielle Douglas is famously known for her excellent gymnastic skills.
She won the Virginia state championships when she was 8.
She won 2 gold medals in the Olympics
She was the fist woman of color and the first African American gymnast in the Olympic history
Uneven Bar Preforming Tips:
1. Use complicated movements
2. Equal use of both bars
3. Strong upper body to control the rest of the body
Clothes/ Equipment
. Leotard- The official gymnastics uniform
. Chalk- Very useful for bar gymnastics like uneven bars
. Low bar- A bar about 170 centimeters above the ground
. High bar- A bar about 250 centimeters above the ground
Body Systems

In order for the body to preform uneven bar gymnastics, it has to work with many systems. Some of these systems are:
. Cardiovascular/ Circulatory system (Veins, arteries, capillaries, and the heart)
. Muscular system (Muscles)
. Skeletal system (Bones)
.Nervous system (brain and spinal cord)

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History of Gymnastics
One Famous Athlete: Gabby Douglas
Gymnastics has been around for over 2,000 years.The first large scale competition was in the 1896s olympics in Athens,Greece where men competed in many different categories. The very first women's team was debuted in the 1928 Olympics. Gymnastics is still a popular sport today.
At first, women didn't participate in the sport, but that changed after World War 2. Another change is that the sport has become more complex.
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