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Anatomy of the Bible

No description

Chad Landman

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Anatomy of the Bible

1,500 years 40 different authors Letters
So how does it all fit together? Structure of the Bible 66 Books in all
2 Testaments
39 OT Books
27 NT Books
OT Organization 5 books of Law
12 books of History
5 books of Poetry
5 books of Minor Prophets
5 books of Major Prophets NT Organization 4 gospels
1 book of history
13 letters from Paul
8 letters from others
1 book of prophecy The "Time Between The Testaments" Almost 400+ years where the Bible is silent
Apocrypha written during this time
Did you know? You've never known the Bible without chapters and verses.
The Bible didn't even have those until the 1500's.
The Hebrew Talmud still doesn't have them.
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