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Unit 321: Develop Own Professionalism

No description

Hannah Theaker

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Unit 321: Develop Own Professionalism

Unit 321: Develop Own Professionalism
Explain Personal Goals
Organising time to meet team goals
LO1: Be able to develop own professional skills
Development activities needed to meet own development needs
Plan activities to meet personal goals
LO2: Be able to work as member of a team to achieve defined goals
Review feedback from others on performance
Behave in a way that accomodates individual team members
Provide feedback in a constructive and positive manner
Respond to feedback in a constructive and positive manner
Reduce obstacles to effective team work
LO3: Understand what is required of professional practice
Common definition of Professional Practice
Legal Considerations
Ethical Considerations
Quality Management
Conflicts of interest
LO4: Understand Career Development Opportunities
Types of employment status
Director/Office Holder
Progression pathways in Digital Marketing
Sources of support for progression
The right mind set is a key development activity.
A person needs to be enthusiastic and possess a willingness to learn in order to achieve their goals and progress.
Having confidence is important in marketing as you have to make important decisions about the business you market and be able to stand by them.
In an effective team, members will possess different skills and knowledge so that they can carry out individual tasks to the best of their ability and complete the overall project quickly.
Within a team, initiative is important as responsibility for individual tasks is with the team member to which the task was allocated.
Each team member will have different strengths and weaknesses, it is therefore important that the team leader understands this in order to give each team member a task that they are capable of completing. There are two main types of team member, a core member who has a full time role on a project and an extended team member who only has a part time role on a project.
A team leader needs to ensure that they allocate the most time consuming tasks to core members as they will have more time to complete them whereas an extended team member will often have a regular job to do alongside their project work.
"A decision to acquire and exclude knowledge and skills in a chosen field"
It is the individual's responsibility to be aware of the legal considerations that effect and relate to them. The legal considerations of digital marketing mostly relate to copyright and data protection, therefore in order to maintain the standards of professional practice, an individual within this sector must understand and stay within the boundaries of these laws.
Ethics relates to the decency of human behaviour, there are no set rules on ethics as the professional individual will develop their own understanding of what ethics means to them in their chosen field.

Consistency is ensured through quality management and is divided into four key areas. These are planning, assurance, control & improvement.
The word quality refers to every system, process & practice within a business, achieving quality means delivering efficient systems, increasing profits and meeting/exceeding customer expectations.
Quality and good business go hand in hand
Employment status helps to determine an employee's rights and their employer's responsibilities. There are five different types of employment status, these are: worker, employee, self-employed and contractor, director and office holder.
The digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy. This means that there will be more options for progression within the digital economy than the traditional economy. In digital marketing, career progression is based upon an individual's technical knowledge and skills, however if that individual does not have the ability to communicate efficiently with their peers/colleagues they will find it difficult to progress as the ability to communicate is as important as technical knowledge and skills.
"Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve common goals"
Feedback is important as it gives you an indication of how you have performed a task and will also give other team members an indication of their performance. Giving people negative feedback will not help them as you are essentially telling them what they have done wrong. In order to give positive & constructive feedback you must be able to explain to the individual members of your team why they went wrong but also how they can change and improve so that they will perform better if asked to perform a similar task in the future.

Professionals seek out constructive feedback in order to better themselves but have also learnt to not respond negatively to any criticism that may come their way.
Open mindedness is important when receiving feedback as they are asking someone to look at their project from a different perspective and so that person will have a different opinion which may not always be positive.
Organising time within a team is important so that the project they are working on remains on track and they don't fall behind.
There should be time put in place to review progress and ensure that everyone in the team will meet their deadlines. For example, if a team is working on a marketing campaign, the leader need to ensure that adverts have been created in a variety of different formats, social media is being optimised and the members of the team are working together well in order to stay on track. Givin g members deadlines and scheduling regular review meetings will allow them to do so.
How quality management affects my job role
I am responsible for the marketing of businesses. in order to provide good quality marketing for each business, I must first analyse what the customers of each business I market want.
I could provide their customers with review questionnaires to find out what they want from the business they are using, this would give me a good indication of the advertising i can provide for the business by giving the customers the information they require.
Providing advertising and products that customers want will bring in more customers and increase profit.
Has a contract to carry out services personally for payment
They have limited rights when sending others to do the work
They have the responsibility of turning up to work even if they don't want to
Their employer must provide work for them to do for the duration of their contract
Someone who works under an employment contract.
Employees have more employment rights than workers.
E.g. statutory sick pay, maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave, minimum notice periods, and unfair dismissal protection
Self employed
A person that runs their business for themselves and takes responsibility for it.
Self employed workers aren't paid through pay as you earn and don't have the employment rights of employees
Can be self employed or a worker/employee if they work for a client and are employed by an agency.
Runs limited companies on the behalf of shareholders

Office Holders
A person that has been appointed to a position by a company/organisation but does not have a contract or receive regular payment
They can arise where people are promoted or given the best job. This is known as "teacher's pet syndrome".
Within a team, conflicts can arise if two members have varying/contrasting opinions, this can cause issues if the team are working on a project.
Varying opinions can cause conflict when advertising as some may not agree with how an advert is set out or how a certain product is being marketed, however this can be avoided by asking for frequent feedback before publishing a campaign.
Every team will encounter obstacles, it is important that members of the team don't let those obstacles effect how they work.
There may be issues/conflicts between members that are causing obstacles and the team leader must address these issues quickly in order to ensure that the team continues to work effectively.
If the purpose of the project is not made clear to all individual members of the team they may find it difficult to carry out their tasks which may result in the project not being completed at all or on time.
A large factor in reducing obstacles is ensuring that each member of the team has been assigned appropriate roles to their skill set. If a member has been given a role they cannot carry out it will make it difficult for the rest of the team progress. The team leader should be fully aware of each member's strengths & weaknesses in order to give them the best possible role.
Write marketing plans so that campaigns are documented
Be able to review how well campaigns went
Ensure plans are wrote up for each individual marketing campaign
Use marketing plans and sales to analyse how well individual campaigns improved business.
Appraisals- I have regular appraisals with my manager in which we discuss my progress and how campaigns went as well as any ideas for future campaigns.
Educational- university courses/degrees
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