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Medieval Castle is like a Animal Cell

No description

Seohyun Park

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Castle is like a Animal Cell

Castle is Like a Plant Cell
Seohyun Park
7th period

The king is like the nucleus because the king decides what parts of the castle do.
The royal guards are like the nucleus membrane because they protect the king who is like the nucleus and controls who goes in and out of king's chamber.
The road inside the castle is like endoplasmic reticulum(ER) because the road allows transportation in the castle
The barrels are like the vacuoles because it stores food in the castle
Guards and the gates are like cell membrane
Because they are semi-permeable
(they only let certain things to go in the castle).
The mitochondria is like the people living in the castle because the inhabitants of the castle runs the castle and the castle isn't going to function well without people within the castle.
The ribosomes are like the kitchen because kitchen provides food for the people(mitochondria) just like ribosomes provide proteins for the mitochondria to release energy(ATP).
The animals that are in the castle(rats,dogs,etc.) are like lysosomes because they tend to eat the leftovers after a banquets and parties.
Farmers and the fields are like the chloroplasts because they provide part of the food that the castle consumes and involves sunlight
The wall is like the cell wall because it holds the shape of the cell.
The castle ground is like the cytoplasm because it fills up the leftover space in the cell.
The storage room is like the golgi because that is where things are packaged,and stored.
The documents that the king has are like chromosomes because they contain information about the castle.
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