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Detroit Public Schools: A Bright Future

No description

Demetria Crowell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Detroit Public Schools: A Bright Future

Detroit Public Schools: A Bright Future Dave Bing: Detroit Public Schools This video was posted by Detroit Young Professionals. Detroit Young Professionals (DYP) is a regional nonprofit organization that provides professional development, social networking and civic engagement opportunities. DYP is dedicated to making metro Detroit a better place and developing our region's next generation of leaders. They have an official website where you can learn more about the organization, http://detroityoungprofessionals.org.

DYP has posted many other videos about Detroit, its city official, and DPS. They seem to be very involved in the city and they're very optimistic about making Detroit a better city.
Video Authorship The video looks like it took place at campaign meeting or something of that nature. The filming doesn't looking professional, but the video is very clear both in vision and audio. Most of the video is a close up of Dave Bing speaking, with some sight of the audience. The video was posteed ten days after the event took place. Video Content This Video is part of a huge conversation. Though it is not a response video, it can be related to many other videos; videos not only about DPS, but also about Detroit as a whole. I'm not sure what debate has arisen from this specific video because there are no comments posted. However, the main conversation surrounding the topic of this video is whether or not DPS can be saved and restructured to provide a better education for its students. There were only 228 views of this video when I first viewed it. However, when I viewed other videos related to this video that had a negative appeal, there were thousands of views. There were also no comments posted on this video, yet again, videos focused on negativity in relation to it had numerous comments. This says a lot, two things to me in particular. First, that maybe there's no one interested in saving DPS, maybe everyone has given up hope, or maybe no one cares. Secondly, people enjoy all the negativity being portrayed in the media, no one wants to see anyone being optimistic. This video was placed under the category of News and Politics. The category it was placed in makes it seem significant. This category seems like it would appeal to a large, yet mature audience. It had many tags which included Detroit, Young, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Mayoral, Special, Edition, Town, Hall, Meeting, Dave, and Bing. Because there are so many tags, it seems as if the video is meant to be found in various searches, but maybe for different purposes. Rhetorical Analysis In this video, Bing used many different strategies, such as, stating facts (both past and present), admitting faults and mistakes that everyone has made, and introducing changes to be made . I believe all these things strengthened his argument. The fact that he mentioned both negative and positive aspects of DPS also strengthened his argument. There were no specific audio nor visual strategies used in the video. The focus was Dave Bing, and most of the video was a close up of him, which I believe worked well for this video, especially being that he was giving a speech. Purpose and Audience The purpose of this video was to encourage people that DPS can be and deserves to be saved. It is a much needed school system and though it'll take a lot of work to revitalize, it can be done. Dave Bing's target audience seems to be everyone from policy makers, board members, community leaders, teachers, parents, to Detroit residents. He uses facts and history to appeal to his audience. He seems very honest which gives him much credibility. He names some faults some faults of DPS and mentions some changes that needs to be made. He even states that if he himself was given the task of revitalizing DPS, he would accept the challenge. I believe he was very successful in his persuasion, however, there's no comments to back this up.
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