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How to use Prezi

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Yuan Yuan

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of How to use Prezi

1. fig. 1 It's Prezi's speciality, and great for visual games. loop zoom PREZI: Simply stunning presentation! A few tips Choose a license FREE PAY Main Menu 1. 2. pictures & videos group ideas 3. SHOW TIME !!! so be on the
lookout for
new ideas! ...and don't forget:
there is a lot to
explore in Prezi Surprise your audience with
unexpected changes
in ratio, optical illusions and
hidden details. but...... over use it and all you will do is make the audience seasick it's easy to load
file into prezi! Thank you for Attention it's easy to apply
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