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What are Tornadoes and how do they affect the Earth?

No description

Kaitlynn Vincent

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of What are Tornadoes and how do they affect the Earth?

What are Tornadoes and how do they affect the Earth? How a Tornado starts Citations Super cells are more severe thunderstorms and help start invisible horizontal spinning effects that are located in the lower atmosphere. Tornadoes also start in supercells. How Tornadoes affect the Earth. Tornadoes start with changes in the atmosphere. Changes in the air temperature. Changes with the wind direction. Changes with the wind speed. Destruction Erosion City of Yuma. "What to Do After a Tornado." What to Do After a Tornado. City of Yuma Fire Department, 1997. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. <http://tw.yumaaz.gov/WebWare/Default.aspx?Message=1712>. Wicker, Crystal. "Weather Wiz Kids Weather Information for Kids." Weather Wiz Kids Weather Information for Kids. Exploring Weather, 2010. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. <http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-tornado.htm>. "Top Ten US Killer Tornadoes." Top Ten US Killer Tornadoes. The Tornado Project, 1999. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. <http://www.tornadoproject.com/toptens/toptens.htm>. Smith, Joe, and Alex Vasquez. "2012 – A Strange Tornado Season in Colorado - Pie Resource Archive." 2012 A Strange Tornado Season in Colorado Comments. Disqus, 2012. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://pieglobal.com/articles/forensic/2012-a-strange-tornado-season-in-colorado/>. Main, Douglas, and OurAmazingPlanet. "Drought's Silver Lining: Fewest July Tornadoes on Record." Msnbc.com. Msnbc Digital Network, 02 Aug. 2012. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48462414/ns/technology_and_science-science/>. Robles, Yesenia. "Mount Evans Tornado Could Be Second Highest Recorded." - The Denver Post. The Denver Post, 29 July 2012. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_21187400/mount-evans-tornado-could-be-second-highest-recorded>. Ferrante, Ellen. "Research Areas." Nsf.gov. National Science Foundation, 29 June 2011. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://www.nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_summ.jsp?cntn_id=120925>. "Storm Chasers : Discovery Channel." Discovery Channel. Discovery Communications, n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/storm-chasers/handbook/handbook.html>. National Ocean Survice. "Tornado Detection and Warnings." NOAA 200th Top Tens: With Doppler Weather Radar. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 19 July 2012. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://celebrating200years.noaa.gov/breakthroughs/tornadowarnings/welcome.html>. Carter, Laura S. "Dartmouth Medicine Magazine :: Discoveries : Hunting down Gray Tornadoes in the Lungs." Dartmouth Medicine Magazine :: Discoveries : Hunting down Gray Tornadoes in the Lungs. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, 2012. Web. 23 Nov. 2012. <http://dartmed.dartmouth.edu/spring08/html/disc_tornadoes.php>. Tornadoes can have a speed of 300 miles per hour. The length of a tornado can reach up to 50 miles. What to do after a tornado. Go out and help the injured! Stay away from damaged areas. Do NOT light candles in substitution of electricity. How you can measure the number on the F-scale a tornado is. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/storm-chasers/handbook/handbook.html Tornado alley. When is the usual time for a tornado to start? Not usually in the mornings. Tornadoes and people Worlds Deadliest Tornado Daulatpur-Saturia Dhaka-Bangladesh 1,300 Dead 12,000 injured 80,000 Homeless Worst Tornado in U.S. history 695 deaths 219 miles The Great Natches Tornado 317 killed 109 injured Air polution Deforestation "Logging" Water pollution Endangered Species Population before tornadoes Population after Humans destruct the earths natural balance Less humans = less destruction Fastest Tornado winds ever recorded Moore, Oklahoma May 3 1999 with winds at 318 mph.
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