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Salem, McCarthyism, Holocaust

No description

Devin Parker

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Salem, McCarthyism, Holocaust

Salem Witch Trials Witch Hunts Holocaust McCarthyism Salem Witch Trials Society is set up so that everyone is trying to be better. Lies, deceit and more lies. By that, people didn't like each other and started trying to get rid of each other.

In the book, the Crucible, it is Abby who is "trying" witchcraft and then blames all the other town women. Thanks to society hating each other, at least 30 people died, either from being executed, or just dying in prison.

If you admitted to it, then you didn't die and you were just shamed for life.

If you didn't admit, you died. The Holocaust Hitler blamed the Jewish for the German's loss of World War 1. He blamed them because his stepfather was Jewish. Also he didn't get into art school which angered him. Blamed ALL of Germany's problems on them. Killed about 6 million jews. McCarthyism It was during the 1940-1950 era in the U.S. America was getting overwhelmed with the threat of communism growing in China and E. Europe. McCarthyism is the hunt for infiltrators that were well known writers and artists labeled as communists. The Red scare was going on and America was afraid of the communism in the Soviet Union. Alger Hiss was convicted of being a spy. He was a high-ranking state department official, making the fear of communists grow. It was mostly fear of the atom bomb. By: Katy Wellington, Devin Parker, & Ryan Waite The end. Stop zooming in. Seriously, nothing to see here. Leave me alone! You suck. Goodbye. For anyone to lead to a witch hunt, one must live in a state of total fear. For the puritans it was living in the wild where a bear could eat your face off. For Hitler, Germany was just dissolved from superpower prowess and any of the superpower countries could come in and kill you. For America, it was just after the Hiroshima bombings and everyone was afraid of the thought of a nuclear attack on two different countries. State for a witch hunt
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