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Elizabeth Ruiz

on 5 June 2014

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- Learning takes place as an activity peripheral to play.
- Learners manipulate their own and others’ media into videos, animations and games.
- Learners acquire critical thinking and editing skills.
- Some games include kinesthetic activities
- A degree of excitement is necessary in computer-based learning materials.
- Computers help in motivation through the organization of learning into game-like formats.

Computer-mediated communication (CMC)
CML encompasses communication by e-mail, bulleting board, chatlines, within MOO (Multi-user domains, Object Oriented environments and using social networking services such as Facebook and twitter.
Study of literature and other disciplines
Materials are extensive and taken from real-world sources
Digital formats usually accompanied by visual materials. Hypermedia.
Learners can manipulate the texts and comment on it
The traditional literature is more interesting by means of interactive activities.
LINK http://globalshakespeares.mit.edu/#
WWW resources
There are a wide number of websites dedicated to the teaching and learning of English.
There is content created by learners and teachers in the form of Power Point files
Best Websites for Learning English

Word processing
- Multi-purpose: commonly used by teachers (and sometimes learners) for creating semi-authentic learning material.
- Texts – tables – illustrations as well as simple websites
- Provide grammar support: grammar, spelling checker and for compositions.
Commercial quiz software: Quizzes that test knowledge and track progress.
- It gives some security against fear of more formal exams.

Corpus Linguistics
-It is important in Applied Linguistics
-A text can be made up pf different examples of written and spoken language or a combination of both.
-Focus on grammatical structures and word functions
Data Driven Learning (DDL): learners acquire an understanding of language patterns and rules usually through a computer-based concordancing program.

E-MAIL: learners can communicate with peers, teachers and native speakers.
Asynchronous (different times) or synchronous (same time)

CHATLINES Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
BULLETIN BOARDS: learners can post messages and comment on the original posting and subsequent comments.

Adapting other materials for CALL
Many games and simulations not intended for language learning can be adapted for such purpose as a form of authentic language.
Open resources with authentic materials such as online newspapers in the target language.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile telephones
A PDA is a small hand-held computer for downloading and storing information such as documents, databases and calendar entries.
Mobile phones in the classroom: they have internet access, media player, digital cameras, receive information, make class notes and other software applications.
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