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Krackin' Grilled Cookin'

No description

Kolton Orcutt

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Krackin' Grilled Cookin'

Krackin' Grilled Cookin'
Presented by: George Lobbo, Kolton Orcutt, and Chris Warembourg
When you think of grillin'...
When we think of grillin'...
The Ins and Out of Krackin'
Franchise of Sit Down Restaurants featuring flavorful food and a 'unique' atmosphere.
Currently have 14 franchises in 7 states.
Location, Location, Location
Opening 15th franchise in Yuma, AZ
Requested space is occupied but up for renewal
What we gonna do 'bout that?
This What We Gonna Do 'Bout It
Contact the Lessor
5 Year Business Plan
Past Franchise Success
Explain Reasons for Location
Arguments Against Solution
Why not an Unoccupied Space?
Why Yuma?
We may not obtain our desired space
What's All Y'alls Problem?!
Protests from the locals:
Unfair Labor Standards
Jeopardizing local business
Keepin' the Peace
Meeting with Town Council
Create Marketing Initiative
Press Conference
There's a whole lotta arguin' goin' on
Deviation from Franchise Platform
Takin' a Risk, Checkin' it Twice
Being to different from our other franchises
Risk to our bottom line
Deviating from proven practices
See, This is What Happens When You Hire Locals
Our Head Chef was arrested by the DEA...
Well, this sucks...
Full Cooperation with Federal investigation
Head Chef on Temporary "Leave of Absence"
Launch Internal Investigation for all franchises
Change of hiring policies
Address public
Do we want to stop hiring locals for high positions?
Did we promote people to positions too rapidly?
Arguments Brought to Light
Risks For The Taking
Solutions and investigation may impact our employees negatively
In the End...
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