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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Watch this Prezi to learn about the world of Percy Jackson, and about the world he lives in.

Chandler Price

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Mrs. Smith, Rm. 209, Due 9-24-2012 Chandler Price By: Chandler Price Mrs. Smith Rm. 209 Percy Jackson &The Olympians
The Lightning Thief
By: Rick Riordan "The guy was about nineteen, and looked pretty cool. He was tall and muscular, with short-cropped sandy hair and a friendly smile." Riordan 84 Luke Castellan Luke is one of the people who has been at Camp Half-Blood the longest. His father is Hermes, god of travelers and thievery He is a dynamic character in this book because over a course of ten days( on Percy, Annabeth and Grover's quest) his beliefs change. At Camp, it is the only safe haven for half-bloods to relax,
and get away from monsters, angry gods, and Titans who threaten the world. Camp Half-Blood At the camp they have activities that entertain, but they also have activities that can be deadly, but also help them train to fight the monsters. The old pine tree on top of Half-Blood
Hill The story about the pine tree is that a
couple of years ago Luke, Annabeth, and Thalia were fighting a bunch of monsters. When there were to many monsters Thalia told Luke to bring Annabeth to camp. There the child of Zeus( Thalia Grace) had her final
stand. There Zeus took pity on her, and
transferred her soul into the pine. Now the
tree protects all of the Half-Bloods who enter, and keep the monsters out, and blocks humans from going in. Episode of Book '"I saw a lot out there in the world, Percy,"
Luke said. "Didn't you feel it-the darkness
gathering, the monsters growing stronger?
Didn't you realize how useless it all is? All
the heroics-being pawns of the gods. They should've been overthrown thousands of years ago, but they've hung on, thanks to us half-bloods." I couldn't believe this was happening.
"Luke... you're talking about our parents," I said. He laughed. "That's supposed to make me love them? Their precious 'Western Civilization' is a disease , Percy. It's killing the world. The only way to stop it is to burn it to the ground, start over with something more honest."
"You're as crazy as Ares." His eyes flared up. "Ares is a fool. He never realized the true master he was serving. If I had time, Percy, I could explain. But I'm afraid you won't live that long." The scorpion crawled onto my pants leg.'-Riordan 365 In the very beginning of the book, Percy goes on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at sculptures and learn more about the gods. But when he pushes Nancy Bobofit into the fountain things take a turn for the worst. Then when Percy had to go inside with Mrs. Dodds, he finds out that she was one of the furies who served Hades. There Percy vaporizes her with his sword, Riptide. He tries to tell Mr. Brunner and Grover, but they don't believe anything he was saying. Plot Part 1 Plot part 2 Percy, his mother, and Grover( Who he just found out was a stayr) try to get him to his new home, Camp Half-Blood. But things don't go his way again and the Minotaur attacks. Grover gets injured, and he turns Percy's mother into golden powder. Percy gets really mad, and takes the horn from the Minotaurs head and vanquishes it. Then Percy passes out. Plot part 3 The Oracle of Delphi tells Percy that he has to go on a quest, and retrieve Zeus's master bolt to clear his name from being a thief. He brings Annabeth, and Grover to help him. On the Quest they face Deadly Water beds, Medusa, rampaged Ares, a hotel that keeps you there by eating Lotus flowers, and many more. But Percy only goes not to please his father, but to rescue his mother, and find out which of his friends betray him. Plot part 4 In the end, Percy brings the Lightning Bolt to Zeus, and tells him about the schemes of his not good son Ares. He also talks to his father, Poseidon who tells him that everything will be alright. But back at camp Luke tries to kill him with deadly a deadly scorpion. Luke escapes but Percy finds out who betrays him. Hades gives him back his mother in the end out of gratitude for him returning his helmet of Invisibility. Main Characters in the Novel Percy Jackson- Son on Poseidon
Annabeth Chase- Daughter of Atehna
Grover- Stayr
Thalia Grace- Daughter of Zeus, spirit in tree
Dionysus- God of Wine, son of Zeus
Chiron- Percy's teacher
Luke Castellan- Son of Hermes
Clairisse- Daughter of Ares
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