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A Prostitute on Page 12

Media Ethics Andrew Falsetti, Tori Forrest and Chelsea Tays

Tori Forrest

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of A Prostitute on Page 12

A Prostitute on Page 12 Andrew Falsetti
Tori Forrest
Chelsea Tays Cindy Herbig Jan. 17, 1979 Changes in the Missoulian publication Consequences for the Missoulian Primary Parties Model teenager Herbig was murdered in downtown Washington, D.C. Called Managing Editor of the Missoulian for a quote on a developing story

In exchange, he agreed to dictate his story over the phone before he published it to Ron Deckert "In the 20 years of Cynthia Herbigg's life, she received honrs and accolades at the Montana high school, mastered the cello, won a scholarship to Radcliffe College, and finally, came to Washington to work as a $50-a-trick prostitue." The Missoulian

Herbig Family

Ron Deckert Honor student Accolades Master Cello Player From Missoula, Montana Prominent Family Scholarship to Radcliff Relocated to Washington, D.C. Jan. 18, 1979 The Missoulian ran a one-page story of her death "a tragedy for the community and grief for her family" Jan. 22, 1979 Prostitute Questions Do you think the Deckert should have republished the article?

Do you think they should have waited?

Do you think Deckert should have kept the story as it was?

Was this story newsworthy? Principles Mill's Principle of Utility Aristotle's Golden Mean Agape Love Secondary Parties Washington Post
Missoulian Subscribers
Missoulian Staff
Missoulian Advertisers
Jack Mudd References http://newspaperarchive.com/daily-herald/1979-07-08/page-9/
VIDEO: Youtube Video - Someone's Daughter - PSA
VIDEO: Pt 2/3 Teen Protitute on Tyra.anti-porn.org comments
http://www.washingtonpost.com/ Member of the All-State Orchestra Missoula Civic Spymphony Yearbook staff Staff of literary magazine Student government No. 3 in Graduation Class Ivy League Businesses pulled advertisements

Letters to the editor

Canceled subscriptions Privacy
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