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Making Your Plan and Working It

No description

Aarti Chellakere

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Making Your Plan and Working It

Class of 2017
Meet the
Post Graduate Planning Team!
Sally Phelps, Director

Aarti Chellakere, Assistant Director
Grad School and Fellowships/Scholarships

Suzanne Alcott, Corporate Relations Coordinator
‘Mission Control’
JobFinder and Companies Expert
Scheduling of events and interviews
Career or job search counseling

How to get us…when to get us…
What We’ll Be Covering in OIE

Today – Short Term Plan
What Do I Want to Do Next Summer?
How PGP can help
Preparing for Career Fair/Fall Recruiting

Saturday, Sept. 21st – Learn from Alumni
Start asking questions to help figure out long term plan
1-2:30, Lunch in Oval with ‘08 Reunion class and others
Gaining different perspectives
Email Suzanne with your table topics

Perspectives from
Other Oliners…
Making Your Plan and Working It

Post Graduate Planning

Sally Phelps
Aarti Chellakere
Suzanne Alcott

September 12, 2013

Homework Assignment #1
Olin’s Code of Professionalism
Why did we need to do this??
I will Show Respect for Employers by:

Presenting an honest resume.

Attending any interview I have accepted (at company’s site or on campus)

Being prepared for interviews – dress professionally, research the company, and answer all interview questions with integrity.
Sending a thank you note after each interview (phone or in-person), to each person I speak with.

NOT accepting an offer of employment until I have considered the decision carefully. Once I have accepted an offer for an internship I will STOP conducting interviews with other employers, nor will I accept another company’s offer of employment.

Any Questions?
Review of Fall Events
Career Fair
What is the event like?
The Resume (Homework Assignment #2)
Target Companies
What do I say?

Create YOUR Elevator Pitch (Group Exercise)

Grad School Co-Curricular and Alumni Chats (Aarti)

Fashion Show (Suzanne)
Tuesday, 10/1 @ 6:30pm Dining Hall

Career Fairs - Campus Center
PGP Career Fair - Wed, 10/9 @ 11:00am - 2:00pm
Meet the Startups (Foundry) - Wed, 10/16 @ 12pm

Company Info Sessions
Many companies visiting this Fall – Check plasma screens, PGP E-Newsletter , Facebook, door signs for details.

Other Fall Events
PGP Website
Like us on Facebook

Olin JobFinder
Will Become Your Best Friend…
Online jobs/internships database
Stores your resume
Tells you how to apply for jobs
Enables sign-up for campus interviews
Has sample portfolios for you to look at

Creating Your Plan
What do most First Years do after a year at Olin?

In the past, more than half did a summer internship
Summer of ‘12, of 85 First Year Students:
64% (54) Internship, research or worked on own company
30 Internship
18 Research at Olin
5 Research off campus (What’s an REU?)
1 worked on his own business

7% (6) had a summer job at home or at Olin

What if I want to work near home
next summer?
Different strategy
‘About Olin’ cover letter
Who do you know that can help you?
Family, friends, neighbors, former teachers
Who do THEY know?
Check websites of engineering colleges near home

What if I’m interested in affordable
design for developing countries?
Adjunct Professor
Rakesh Pandey

You can make a difference through social impact,
entrepreneurship and innovation.

On campus Tuesday afternoons -
Feel free to email him to book time


Tools that can help
(See blog post to get started)

Linked In
Grad School:
Where Do Alumni Go?
Engineering Programs
Carnegie Mellon
Cornell University
Stanford University
Business School

Harvard University (2+2)
MIT Sloan
Medical School
Baylor University
Cleveland Clinic
Tufts University
University of Washington
Washington University St.Louis
Law School

Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Columbia University
University of Virginia
Georgetown University

Graduate School: Do I want to go?
Question to ask yourself:
Can I handle another 2-7 years of schools?

Do I want “real-world” working experience?

Should I go to grad school now or wait for a few years?

Do my career goals require me to pursue a higher level degree?

Can I financially afford another degree?
Graduate School
Funding Opportunities
Funding while at Olin
Goldwater Scholarship
Sophomores and Juniors with a 3.8 GPA or better;
potential to contribute significantly in chosen field
$7,500 per academic year
Institutional nomination required
Olin received 2 awards, first in 2010 and second in 2013

Several other scholarships while at Olin

Critical Language Scholarship
Intensive summer language institutes in thirteen critical foreign languages -
Azerbaijani, Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean,
Punjabi, Turkish, and Urdu:
Beginning, advanced beginning, intermediate and
advanced levels

International Scholarships

Gates-Cambridge Scholarship
Study at the University of Cambridge
Rhodes Scholarship
Study at the University of Oxford
Marshall Scholarship
Study at a British University
Mitchell Scholarship
Study in Ireland

* Institutional nomination required for Rhodes, Mitchell and Marshall
More International Funding Opportunities!
Fulbright Scholarship
To study, perform research or teach English in a country of your choice!

Boren Scholarship – STEM Program
8 week summer scholarship program to enhance critical language skills in areas of concern to US National Defense

Gilman Scholarship
Study away scholarship for sophomores and juniors of traditionally underrepresented populations who are Pell Grant recipients

Olin Fulbrighters
Becky Studied Bees in the UK
Philip taught English in Mangolia

Steven researched the use of resources
by manufacturing companies in China

Heena educated Indian schools
in innovative science and Engineering.

Victoria researched tissue engineering
in Taiwan

Additional Resources
Funding Booklet
Located on the PGP website under Fellowships and Scholarships
PGP Office (L38)
Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad
Ultimate Scholarship Book
The Best Scholarships for the Best Students
Online resources

International Student?
Contact Aarti to receive the handout specifically created for international students!

The secret to defining
your career path…
Talk to People
Seek out those with like interests
Learn from those you meet
Have a list of questions to ask these people
(PGP website)

#1 Tip:
Build this list of contacts
Follow up with them 2x a year

Here at Olin
Outside of Olin


Olin Faux Pas –
Don’t let this be you!
Alumni Comments

Dress Code


Why didn’t I get that job?

One too many ‘tweets’

Candidate with blue hair, shorts, t-shirt, late, unprepared

Write Thank You Notes!
Assignment Review
Code of Professionalism Signed

Resume due by 8am 9/13 ; will receive edits by 9/20; final version due to OJF for Career Fair Resume Book by 9/27

Let Suzanne know your Alumni Discussion topics by Thurs, 9/19

Survey coming later this month


Meet the 08 alumni
Sat, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Lunch in Oval

Thank You!
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Research grants available at higher education institutions throughout the country –
MS and PhD

Stipend of $32,000 along with a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees

Opportunities for international research and
freedom to conduct your own research at any accredited U.S. institution
41 Oliners have won this award since 2006!
National Defense Science and
Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)

Research grants available at higher education institutions throughout the country –
PhD Only

NDSEG Fellowships last for three years and pay for full tuition and all mandatory fees, a monthly stipend, and up to $1,000 a year in medical insurance
And Advice for International Students
(See Calendar)
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