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Wood vs Strickland

overview of legal case involving student's & school board member's rights

Katherine McDonald

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Wood vs Strickland

Wood vs Strickland who? when? what went down? what was determined? argued Oct. 16, 1974 decided Feb. 25, 1975 Wood = school board member Strickland = high school student where? Arkansas district court ruled for school board citing no malice toward students therefore no damages were to be awarded how does the decision affect us? we, the educational community, need to be aware of
the serious issue of overall liability to which
school districts and their boards are potentially exposed school trustees especially need to be aware of exposure to personal financial loss due to attorny fees to defendend themselves as well as monetary judgements against them three girls sneak alcohol into a school event & spike the punch 10 days a later, a teacher asked the girls about the punch rumors the girls fessed up to the principal who gave them "up to 2 weeks suspension" with final say given to the school board
who would meet that evening neither the girls or their parents attended the board meeting where the girls were expelled for the remainder of the semester (aprox. 3 months) because the parents thought this was unfair, the board agreed to hold an additional meeting 2 weeks later where girls, parents & counsel attended nothing changed the school board was sued because the girls felt their constitutional right to due process had been violated ---a federal case-- the end! thank you!
~kathy court of appeals reversed the decision because they felt no evidence had been presented which violated the students' rights because the period of expulsion was over, the girls could not be reinstated; however, the expulsion was removed from their records & they graduated on time with their class
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