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No description

Mennah Bennis

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of IS PP

1-Project Idea and description IS Project Presentation The idea of this project is to create a new system that is based on the old system but with the use of technology. The project is Elections system where all interactions of users are held electronically. The voter/citizen has the ability to vote via EEM (Easy Election Machine) or the website. All that is required is the personal ID and the recognition. As for the administrator(Judge) has the responsibility of opening or closing the Election system , update the list of possible elected candidates , and preview the final results. Problems and Goals The current system that is applied has many disadvantages and defects that are minimized in the new system. The below point sums them up:
1. Long lines of queue
2. Elderly people have the issue of waiting or even getting out of their homes to vote.
3. Forgery is big possibility
4. A lot of effort is done by the judges and observers in the election when it comes to sorting and counting the votes.
5. Excess material is required.
To enhance the current system we aim to:
1. Maximize security
2. Minimize forgery
3. Provide facility for elderly and disabled people that will require no effort form them.
4. Maximize system’s performance
5. Reduce the number of authorized people needed during elections who might be scarce , they include judges, military etc
6.Giving the election process more credibility where the result will automatically calculate Strengths: -Very secure system because we decide to use the eye recognizes.
-Easy to elect from any place and deal with it.
-Will provide instructions about the system in various Medias to reach all citizens. Project action plan Constraints 1.Facial and eye recognition are classified as high tech, this specialty is not available in the country thus we have import people with great expertise in such field.
2. Time provided to develop such system is not sufficient enough so more resources will be needed to finish it.
3. The project has to be completed within budget SWOT Analysis Weaknesses: -System has to be updated continuously as it uses high technology.
-Difficult to maintain the system.
-Budget required is high. Opportunities: -The system is unique so it has no competitor.
-If elections came in a period of climate change whether it was winter or summer the citizen may not like getting out of their homes so the system favours them by giving them option of voting online.
-Gives the opportunity of elderly people and disabled to vote in their home without using any effort.
-Provides a better facility for those who live outside the country. Threats: -Will developments in technology change this system beyond citizen ability to adapt
-Some governments don’t recognize it to be applied. -operating costs are set to increase soon.(taxes)
-The system cannot have a suitable amount of resources EEM machines. 1- Assigning the tasks 2- Gannt chart Any Questions?? Big and.... ... small
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