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Instructions for Applying for an Initial Teaching License

No description

Jody Drager

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Instructions for Applying for an Initial Teaching License

Instructions for Applying for a Colorado Initial Teaching License
1. Go to the CDE website:

2. Click on “Licensing Website” under Educator Licensing on the lower right side of the screen.
3. Under “Apply for Licenses and Authorizations”, click on “Apply for or Renew a License or Authorization” to see eLicensure Overview.
5. Under “Apply for Licenses and Authorizations”, click on “Log in to eLicensing”.
7. E-mail, fax, or send the "Approved Program Verification Form" to Jody Drager, after completing the top portion of the form.
The form can be found in the application itself. I will also e-mail a copy of the form to you after this training.
8. CSU will complete the bottom portion and Jody Drager will sign the form, as soon as your final grades and degree have been posted by CSU.
We will e-mail the form directly to you.
You will need to upload this completed form into your application as well.
Please make sure to adhere closely to all directions provided by CDE.
You must send transcripts from ALL institutions you have attended to CDE, along with your application.
Some of your colleges may be able to send electronic copies of transcripts to CDE. Check the individual Institutions to see if this is possible. CDE prefers to receive electronic transcripts. (The application will give you directions for this.)
CSU does give you the option to order electronic transcripts
11. NOTE: For those of you who also need a “Career and Technical License,” (this form is found under “Apply for or Renew a License or Authorization”) you must also apply for this additional license, and must pay a fee for each license. (This applies to Ag Ed, FACS, Information Technology, Tech Ed., and Business/Marketing).
Again, this application is similar to the initial educator license application and it is self- explanatory. Please make sure to read everything carefully and follow directions closely.
You may check the status of your application at any time on the CDE website by clicking "Check the status of an application".
Helpful Hints
You may go to the CSU Registrar's Office website (even before your semester/degree are complete) to obtain more information about ordering a copy of your transcript.


To order a copy of your transcripts, log in to your RAM Web account. On the bottom right hand side select "transcript (official)".
Request that the transcripts be sent "After Degree is Conferred". If Post Bach - request they be sent "After Grades are Posted".
Typically, CSU transcripts are $11.00 - $15.00/each depending upon your request
Make sure you have clear scanned copies of everything your are uploading- all transcripts, driver's license, etc. If CDE cannot read any of the documents, it will slow up or even stop your review process.
Please feel free to contact us with questions!

Juliana Searle

Jody Drager
Top portion to be
filled out by you
Bottom portion to be filled out by CSU
When registering for an account
with CDE, please realize that this
is the account you will use for your
entire career.
use a permanent e-mail address
no school or district e-mail addresses recommended
use a permanent mailing address
CDE must be contacted to make a change
9. You must upload transcripts from EVERY university you have attended to CDE.
Some colleges may be able to send official electronic transcripts. Check with each college or university individually.
•Once your license has been issued (i.e. your credentials have been approved), CDE will notify you via email.
- This email will have a PDF copy of your teaching certificate credential attached. You can print this at home for an official copy.
- You will have 30 days in which to print your credential from your eLicense account (or via the email with attached PDF). Check your email and junk email often. After this 30 day time period, you may request an additional copy of your valid credential from CDE for an additional fee via an eLicense reprint application.
- If you want CDE to send you a “hardcopy,” indicate so in your application. An additional fee will be accrued for this option. There is no fee for printing your own copy at home.
Once you have started your application with CDE, you must open it at least once every 14 days or your application will disappear.
After you submit your application, CDE may contact you via e-mail to request further information. If you do not respond to the request within 90 days, your application will expire.
For institutions that do NOT send electronic transcripts, you will need to order one official copy of your transcripts.
Once you receive them, you will need to scan and upload them to your application. Scan the front and back of the first page and just the fronts of all remaining pages.
Mail the hard copy to CDE. It does not need to be signed and sealed.
Mailing Transcripts to CDE No Longer Required

As of 9/1/13, you no longer need to mail or bring in your official transcripts to CDE unless specifically requested to do so. However, high quality scans of your transcripts do need to be uploaded into your eLicensing application.

To provide some background, CDE does not file transcripts, scores or any other documentation on your behalf. CDE uses these documents only to evaluate your application but does not keep them on file. Please keep your transcripts, scores, and other documentation in your own personal files in case of audit or for use in future applications.

6. Follow directions. The system will not let you go on with the application if you have left anything out.

4. Review the application types to find the application that's right for you. Then, click the associated link to bring up a checklist of everything you'll need to do prior to applying online.

10. You will be asked about a Fingerprint/Background check. When asked if you have ever submitted a fingerprint card to CBI, answer yes. CEP submitted your fingerprints before you were admitted into the program.
Follow Steps 1-5
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