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How Periodic Table shows Periodic Function

In this prezi you will gain knowledge of the similiarities of the Periodic Table and a Periodic Function.

DeWillie Williams

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of How Periodic Table shows Periodic Function

Periodic Table and Periodic Function Big Picture This chart shows Periodic Function Periodic Function A function that repeats itself after a specific period of time is called a Periodic Function.

The hands of a clock show periodic behavior with time as variable.
The seasons in year show a periodic behavior. Examples Definition Relationship Periodic Table relates Periodic Function
because they show constant variables. Of
course we know it is representd with numbers for periodic formula and elements for the Peiodic Table Periodic Table is Math The periodic table shows functions? HOW???!!! Well when you add two elements to create one
you take information from the numbers each element possess. With that we can create a formula for solving to
get the one combined element.
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