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Insect Metamorphosis

No description

tc penny

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Insect Metamorphosis

Insect metamorphosis Metamorphosis Complete Larvae Pupa Adult Incomplete Ametamorphosis Nymph Adult Effects of temperature of Metamorphosis diapause Molting Quality or quantity of food
Climate change
Shorter days Influences on metamorphosis and molting. Growth rate.
Day/Night ratio.
Food scarcity.
Habitat scarcity.
Insecticides Advantages/disadvantages to molting and metamorphosis Bigger and stronger experiments + sun: more activity.
- sun: lethargy.

+ moisture: More oriented, but not to much.
- moisture: seemed they didn't know what they were doing.

+ habitat/food: growing very fast.
- habitat/food: sadly some of them died. r Gradual metamorphosis Exoskeleton
removing the shell some insects cannot eat Moths
cicadas Not equiped with organs nessesary to ingest.

Only purpose is to reproduce.
homometabplous Reasons for metamorphosis Reduce competition for food between adults and their offspring.
Allow young and adults to live in completly different evironments.
advertisment that the individual is ready to reproduce. Parts of an insect
and what they are used for Head


abdomen Wings



mouthparts Bad reputation r
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