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How do you go to work ?

No description

Leticia Cavalcanti

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of How do you go to work ?

How do you go to work ?
How do you go to work ?
Let's read the text and talk about it
My name is Daniel White.
I'm a cameraman at a television studio . I go to work by bus and subway. I
home for work at 6:45 and I walk to the bus stop .There's a bus stop near my house so I just have to cross the street and
get on
the bus. The bus isn't very
filled up
when I get on but it is usually
by the end of the line. I take the M42 bus to First Avenue and I
get off
at Grand Central Station.
It takes me
about an hour and a half to
get to
work everyday .
Let's listen and read the dialogue below :

: Hey Monique. Can you help me out,please?
: Sure.
I have a meeting at Union Studios . How can I get there by bus?
Monique : There's a bus stop on Lexington. Take the 1255 bus to Central Station. Get off at Columbia Avenue. Union Studios is two blocks down the street .
How long does it take to get there?
Monique :
About forty minutes.
: No way . I have to be there in half an hour!
Monique :
Go by subway then. Take the Red line to Main station and then transfer to the Yellow line. Get off at Columbia Station and go out exit number 2 . Union Studios is right across the street.
Brooke :
Thanks a lot, Monique .
You're Welcome.

get on
get off at
take the ( bus / train/ subway
Mon , November 27th

remember the prepositions!
on / in / at

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