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The Great Gatsby (Music)

Ms.Byer's Project (English)

Alex Moreno

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby (Music)

Music in the 1920's Duke Ellington Louis Armstrong "Music is my mistress." "There are two kinds of music the good, and the bad, I play the good kind." There were many new musicians in the 1920's due to the new Jazz Era, but there was two very influential artists whose names especially come to mind. By Alex Moreno "The 1920's were the years of Manhattan's black renaissance. It began with Shuffle Along, Running Wild, and the Charleston." The Great Gatsby, one of the most well known books even today, was heavily influenced by this Jazz Era that had just began to surface. + F. Scott Fitzgerald Era "The music had died down as the ceremony began... and finally by a burst of jazz, as the dancing began." Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, worked for the Cotton Club, a big jazz club in New York, in which during the probation era there was alcohol sold and consumed thus creating speakeasys, and bootleggers. The concept of bootlegging alcohol is used several times through out the novel. "'Who is this Gatsby anyhow?' demanded Tom suddenly. 'Some big bootlegger?'
'Where'd you hear that?' I inquired.
'I didn't hear it. I imagined it. A lot of these newly rich people are just big bootleggers, you know.'" "The Cotton Club was a Jim Crow Club for gangsters and ,monied whites" "Not only a magnet for blacks,Harlem drew whites as well--- tourists flocked to nightspots such as the Cotton Club to hear the new jazz music played by Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington." =
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