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Imperialism in Liberia

Some Boring History Stuff

Klemen Voncina

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Imperialism in Liberia

Imperialism In Liberia By Klemen Voncina Home to 3.7 Million People
- Guinea
- Cote d'Ivoire
- Sierra Leone One of the poorest countries in the world
Recovering from civil war
Civil war ended in 2003 American Influence Colony Established 1820 Freed Slaves Declaration of Independence Free Country 26 July 1847 Indigenous people Decline of Sudanic Mali Empire 1200-1500 Desertification Portuguese, British and Dutch Trading posts Pepper Coast Melegueta Pepper Slave Trade American Protectorate Port of Monrovia International Airport WWII Cold War True Whig Party 133 years Americo-Liberian Government 1980- Tolbert Assasination Financial Issues Positive Aspects of American Presence - Faster initial development
- Better financial support
- Run by people from a developed country Negative Aspects of American Presence - Conflict with the natives
- Two civil wars
- One of the poorest countries in the world
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