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rock cycle

No description

Kelcie Foss

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of rock cycle

Caroline Quartz's Rock By: Kelcie Foss An Interview with Caroline Quartz Ruby: "We are going to start today with an interview with Caroline Quartz!! Caroline, would you mind telling our audience what color quartz can come in?" Me: "Quartz can come in the most common shades of white or clear. You can also find quartz in less common shades of gray, purple or even rose (pink)! I, of course, am no less than rose quartz." Ruby: "Of course, Caroline! Would you like to tell us what to tell us your softness?" Me: "I am hard, as is the rest of my family. I shudder at the fact we fracture." Ruby: "I was hoping to find out what rock your journey has started with, for if it is okay we would like to follow you on the next three stages of your cycle." Me: "It's fine. I started as the intrusive igneous rock granite with. . ." Ruby: "I am guessing was a rock with extra large minerals because you have the build for it." Me: "Did you just call me fat?" Ruby: "Yes. No! Maybe. Caroline, wait!! Well. . . I guess that concludes our interview with young Miss Caroline Quartz! I hear she is off to the spa! I'm Ruby and we will see you soon on 'Rock' Stars of the 'Rock' World!" An angry Caroline Quartz, cooling slowly off. The First Stage in My Journey Cycle Journey "How I got heated." ". . . gneiss. This picture is one of my neighbors. I, of course, am a much prettier rock, but of course you get the idea." "This rockslide landed on the hot tub. All the pressure turned me from pink granite to metamorphic pink. . ." The Second Step in My Journey "My family called the police rocks to look for me, but I had melted." "This is how I spent much of my time. That is, untill. . ." ". . . I got attacked by a mad dinosaur. It was quite traumatizing, but it was also time for me to move on." "I found a place that the dinosaurs dug up, and I waited ten thousand years. I got deeper and deeper into the crust. Can you guess what happened then? I disappeared and that same rock was never seen again." That is the story of my first million years. "About halfway into the pit, I found a slide I went down. Instead of being a waterslide, It was a magmaslide. As I went down over the hundreds of years, I slowly dissolved as the magma became hotter and hotter." "I can't believe that I am stewing with other minerals. Everyone is catching up on what they did for the past few million years. I wonder what that reporter is up to. I think I hit something called an iceberg. I wonder if that means. . . Ahhhhh!!" Two million years total have passed. The Last Dramatic Stage of My Journey This Reporter's Getting "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I was shot out of liquid rock. Without warning, Our ceiling gave way. I shot out of there, nearly throwing myself out. Miraculously, it started snowing. I thought that all the hornblende, mica, pink feldspar and white feldspar in that prison with me might freeze, but I did to. I turned into the extrusive igneous rock pumice." "As we shot out of the volcano, it mysteriously started snowing. I cool quickly, along with some of my second cousins twice removed." Caroline Quartz's Rock
Cycle Journey "Get out of here, you annoying reporter!!" "Sorreee," Ruby said sarcastically. Smack was all that the world heard as Ruby got kicked out of Caroline's hole. "A day well done and tasks accomplished. Now, I think I will have a ten thousand year nap." That was the last of the three million years that we will be with Caroline Quartz. The Final Interveiw Ruby: "Hi we are back with Caroline, after she kicked me and nearly broke me to peices. Caroline, would you revisit some of your life highlights for veiwers? Me: "Sure. One of my favorite parts in my life was kicking you out of my space. . ." Ruby: "Ok, moving on. Some of your cycle highlights, please." Me: "Of course. One of my highlights was getting heated before the rockslide. It was really quite relaxing." Ruby: "That does sound quite nice. Speaking of relaxing, I was at the spa before you kicked me out." Me: "Another of my highlights was being a metamorphic rock. It really wasn't that bad. At least I was gneiss." Ruby: "Okaaaay. You have told us about two phases in your life. Do you want to share a highlight from the third stage?" Me: "Okay. One of my favorite parts of turning into magma. How I melted was so much fun! It was nearly as fun as being here today." Ruby: "Thanks, Caroline. That means a lot." Me: "Do you want to know what you are good at? You are good at being nosy. My advice to you is to keep your nose out of other people's business." Ruby: "Welllll, we can see that she hasn't changed." Me: " Well, We'll see you guys soon!! Enjoy the rest of your million years!!" THE END Heat and Pressure Metamorphic Rocks Igneous Rocks Melt Sedimentary Pressure and Cement Weather and Erode THE END Sedimentary Rock Metamorphic Rock Igneous Rock Heat and Pressure Pressure and Cement Weather and Erosion Melt and Cool
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