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morgan thomas

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Z.A.T.A.O.M.M

By: Robert M. Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Overall Book Summary Z.A.T.A.O.M.M is It is a philosophical inquiry into the nature of Quality. It tells the autobiography of the author, Robert, who is running from a ghost of his former self after a mental illness. What is Quality? Robert and his son Chris, as well as the couple they are traveling with, John and Sylvia, are on a motorcycle trip from the Dakotas to California. On the trip, Robert explores the many different theories of quality as he travels through the states. These are often explained through deep, philosophical quotes in each chapter. Who is Phaedrus ? Phaedrus is Robert's former self before he went through electric shock therapy for his mental illness where his memory was wiped out. As the group travels through these different states, Robert realizes that, "Phaedrus" has been here before. Robert refers to Phaedrus often each time he feels he has been somewhere before. Chautauquas... Chautauquas are life lessons. These, life lessons, appear numerous times throughout the novel. In each chapter Robert has a new Chautauqua that he explains to the reader. Each Chautauqua often has a motorcycle analogy that ties into the lesson. Theme The overarching them of Z.A.T.A.O.M.M is one does not "Stop to smell the Roses". We never stop to enjoy life, instead, we rush time and try to create our future without embracing our past. Would You Recommend this book? Z.A.T.A.O.M.M is a book centered around life and what society sees as important verses not important. Teens CAN read this, but its favored more among adults because its repetitiveness and quote like structure. Characters Robert- smart, protagonist, father of chris, crazy, philosophical
Chris- son of Robert, mental, curious
John- stubborn, married to Sylvia, antagonist
Sylvia- annoying, married to John
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