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The October Revolution

No description

George Khanachat

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of The October Revolution

The October Revolution
Why did they start it?
Who Started it?
What is the October revolution?
The main point of Lenin is to gain peace, bread and land. If they mastered all of this, they could rule Russia with ease and this is what they are trying to do to help out the poor peasents. Lenin's group in Russia had conferences to decided if they should have war or not.
The main causes of the Russian Revolution were a lack of land for farmers, bad working conditions for workers and laborers, an outdated ruling system and government, and hatred for Nicholas II. The revolution cost many lives of children and adults in Russia and this caused the slaughter of the entire royal family. This made the country to change from a monarchy state to a socialist state. It would not be until 1992 that the country became a federation with elected officials.
The Causes Of The Russian Revolution.
100s and 1000s of newspapers in Russia came out just to make the people aware of the peasants revolt. Most people were frightened that they were going to die and some went with the flow and joined in.
The Effects And Changes To Russia After The War.
Nicholas II
If this revolution didn't happen then the poor would die and over 1 third of the population would be dead and would take their population and long way back.
What Would Happen If They didn't take action?
The October Revolution happened in Russia in 1917. It took 4 years to end this disastrous revolution. In started from two revolutionary party.
One of them was the Russian army. The one against was owned my Lenin.
The October Revolution took place in 1917, it started at the end of World War I. Most people think it happened in February and some people think it happened in October. This was caused when the rich started to take all the money and the food making it unfair to the third estate people. So Vladimir Lenin wanted to help the peasants out by taking over the government. Their three main points were peace, land and bread. Without these the peasants would be nothing compared to the other half of the country. So Lenin gathered up a group of tough men and called this group the Bolsheviks. This caused the Russian Government to become weak. The government became Lenin’s, he ruled and gave the poor peace, land and bread.
Lenin and his group were called the Bolsheviks. Lenin was an exile, he lived in Switzerland until he decided to do this revolution. They got so powerful that they became the government of Russia. They wanted to help the peasents.
The pros of this revolution is that it changed the government which made it an updated ruling system that caused the country to be better place to live in.
They got of World War II that caused them to less destruction in their country.
They also got rid of the tsar that they hated ""Nicholas II".
Russia got destroyed from the civil war, Thousand of people perished during the civil war. The people weren't united as one. There were two groups, the Bolsheviks and the government. They changed an amazing president with other. (Not Nicholas II-The Tsar) This caused the police to kill all the people that wanted peace, land and bread. (The Rebels)
The changes of the Russian Government didn't change until 2-3 years after. The Russian government had become weaker and increasingly aware of its own safety. Nicholas II—the tsar who led Russia in the years leading up to the revolution—had personally witnessed revolutionary terrorists that started to assassinate people such as the tsars grandfather and, after that, his own father.
Russia became much weaker after world war I because of the madness the tsar (Nicholas II) Had. The Governement grew weaker so lenin focused on peace, bread and land, finally became the government of Russia. They ruled Russia harshly and with cruelty just to show them how they treated them.
To start this revolution, they gathered up lots of protests and fights until they got over the Russian government and made it weaker.
How Did they start the revolution?
The red colour stand for the blood of the Common Man, shed for centuries by class oppressors.
The hammer and sickle represent,respectively, the industrial workers and agricultural workers of Russia.
What does the flag mean?
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