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Book 9

No description

Hope Faley

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Book 9

Book Nine
Odysseus, son of Laertes, has been stranded at sea and been held captive by Calypso for seven years. He has been trying to get home to his island Ithica.
Polyphemus discovers Odysseus and his men have escaped and throws large boulders at their ship before he prays to Poseidon for an unaccomplished journey for the king of Ithica and his soldiers.
The food the Lotus Eaters gave to
Odysseus and his men was a trick to make them want to stay on their island, distracting them from their initial journey.
Complication 2
Odysseus and his men
climb into Polyphemus' cave planning to steal cheeses and goats.
Polyphemus catches the
men and Odysseus, and starts to interrogate them.
Polyphemus eats several
of Odysseus' men. Odysseus starts to plan an escape.
Odysseus intoxicates Polyphemus causing him to fall asleep. Odysseus then stabs him in his one eye with a blazing hot pike, leaving him blind.

Odysseus and his men escape buy clinging onto the bellies of Polyphemus' rams and tying his hands together.
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