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Developing a Reading and Writing Community

Feedback from Pie Corbett INSET

Hilary Tarbyat

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Developing a Reading and Writing Community

7. Use ICT 17. Publish children's writing 2. Establish a Literature Spine 1. Bring back the daily class reader 3. Identify Mentor Texts. 12. Author visits and book weeks.
8. Promote a book at bedtime.
9. Make reading visible. Talk and Reading into Writing
Features of an effective Reading and Writing Community Storytelling
Oral texts
10 per year N-Y1
6 per year Y2-Y6 'Reading as a writer'
Attentive reading - Noticing the Big Patterns and the Building Blocks. Oral Storytelling
motivates children and significantly improves their storytelling and writing skills.
involves the children’s families and community in supporting their literacy development
develops children’s linguistic abilities and positive relationships with schools. Developing a Reading and Writing Community
- Feedback from Pie Corbett Inset 5.12.11 key texts for each year
key poets and authors
the stories and poems that all children should meet provide a frame of reference for writing
a resource to influence children's own writing
examples of story types Today, in teams:
Literacy Spine: Identify 15 texts for each year group.
Feedback from Team Leaders re specific ideas you would like to adopt e.g.
EYFS: 'Rhyme of the week'. We need to develop greedy readers and then turn them into writers who are attuned to the daily possibility of learning how to write from their reading - the curiosity of a fellow writer. Remembering, that writers are thieves! Video: Pie Corbett - Storytelling Video: Pie Corbett - Developing Storytelling The value of Shared Writing
Video: In the Box of Stars Introduces new authors.
Read books beyond a child's decoding level.
Adult models enthusiam and interpretation.
To write well children need to hear what good writing sounds like. Video: Developing Storytelling Listening
Introduce Storymap
Performance Reading Games Improve:
There was a big car in the street. Charlie looked at it and thought to himself.
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