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All About Garter Snakes By Nathan Torres

No description

Bonnie Madieros

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of All About Garter Snakes By Nathan Torres

all about garter snakes
by Nathan Torres
by Nathan Torres
garter snakes
my closing
I'm learning about a snake called the Garter snake. Here are some facts about them.
The garter snakes body
is really small. They have
scales on their backs. There are stripes on their backs too. They are either

Noses are not on snakes but their tongues smell for them. They have a stinky smell to defend themselves.
When they hunt,
it is day time. The things they eat are insects,frogs, and lizards. They can swim too so when they do that they use their eyes to catch fish underwater.
Some other facts about garter snakes are
that they live everywhere in the U.S. They could live near water , in a garden, or a grassy area. They can swim way faster than they crawl.
Garter snakes are my favorite because I have an imaginary friend that is one. These are reasons like them.
Hello I am a snake
(they are not that scary)
Why I love summer
(My favorite season is summer)
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