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Copy of All About Stairs

A basic understanding about different types of stairs. . . probably more than you thought there were

Anthony Sfeir

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of All About Stairs

Straight Run Stairs
Winder Stairs
Spiral Stairs
Circular Stairs Types of Stairs according to shape and materials Straight Run Stairs An interactive tour by Anthony Sfeir™ Stairs and their effect on the space Features: No Turns
Most Commonly seen
Cheap, inexpensive
Opened or enclosed Features L-Stairs One landing
One turn
Used when space is limited Two Turns
Two Landings
Used when even less space is available Not common
Expensive Double L-Stairs Features: Creates a U-shape (obviously)
Two parallel flights
Has a well hole that separates the two flights U-Stairs Features: Two types: Wide-U and Narrow-U stairs Wider than regular U-stairs
Made for a lot of people
Has a large well hole
Office Buildings Wide-U Features: Narrower (again, obviously)
Used in small basements
Small well hole
Made for less people Narrow-U Features: Winder Stairs Features: Similar to L-Stairs
Has one turn
Stairs get "cut"
Used when space is small
Not the safest stairs Make a circle through the middle
Not the safest stairs
Used when no or little space
available or a loft
Popular types made of steel or wood
Decorative Spiral Stairs Features: Circular Stairs Features: Curved
Customized stairs
Popular in expensive homes
Needs lot of space Straight run Stairs U- Stairs Circular Stairs Spiral stairs L-Stairs Winder Stairs Double L-stairs Narrow U-Stairs Stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs are names for a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Definition Stair Design Must be able to hold the weight of the persons going up/ down stairs. Common slope for
stairs is around 30 and
35 degrees. Stair Calculations Must know:
Thickness of stairs
Width of Stairs
Desired Height of Stairs
Tread Size
Carpet used (optional)
CADD will assist styles styles and designs have varied throughout the ages ™ Seminaire I presented to
Mr Charles Btaich B.C. 2012 1850 renaissance the space Seminaire I 2012-2013 http://bit.ly/TRgl5s http://bit.ly/TRgwOa http://bit.ly/WeyTMU http://bit.ly/UN5Grv http://bit.ly/Weziih http://bit.ly/SDZAsO http://bit.ly/SDZh1c http://bit.ly/UN5Xux http://bit.ly/UN6bBJ http://bit.ly/Wl3A82 http://bit.ly/QQoMky http://bit.ly/S6OVbP http://bit.ly/Q2CCiD http://bit.ly/UNpsbS http://bit.ly/U2IMhd http://bit.ly/QQp2jv http://bit.ly/WezUEP http://bit.ly/Q2D1Sb http://bit.ly/TKOZM9 http://bit.ly/TKP1DI http://bit.ly/WezUEP http://bit.ly/Q2D1Sb http://bit.ly/TKOZM9 http://bit.ly/TKP1DI http://bit.ly/UN6bBJ http://bit.ly/Wl3A82 http://bit.ly/QQoMky http://bit.ly/S6OVbP http://bit.ly/T49wg2 http://bit.ly/XnYv00 http://bit.ly/U2K6R2 http://bit.ly/S32mLA Special kinds of stairs escalators ladders water stairs 1 2 3 http://bit.ly/QmCvjh http://bit.ly/Xo0UYv http://bit.ly/SE58nm analysis
effect on the space 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 the different types
of stairs signify different compositions in the space each creates its own grid that is different from the other in the end the function is the same but the treatment and aestheticism differenciate observations
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