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chaz guthrie

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of CLUELESS ANALYSIS !!!!

Clueless Analysis
is a good-natured, yet superficial 15-year old girl
living in her million dollar mansion with her litigator father.
She and her best friend
take it upon themselves
to take the new "un-hip" girl in school,
, under their
wings and introduce her into a life a popularity. After
Tai's makeover Cher quickly realizes, with the help of her
, that she had created a monster.
Cher began to realize that everyone, even though
different, is special in their own way.

Primary concepts in the film
interpersonal communication concepts
in the film are key points within the plot. They include:
self concept
, (important because of the first person narrative the story is structured as)
sympathetic communication
(we see in the relationship between the lead characters)
social class
dominant culture
, (always an element in high school films)
intercultural communication
, and
Throughout the film, Josh contributes
to Cher's perception of herself.

Cher: A sweet but spoiled "Valley-
Girl" type. She is also tough and

Tai: The "ugly duckling" who Cher
transformed into a "beautiful swan".
Tai's popularity heightens which begins
to threaten Cher's social status.

Josh: Thoughtful and ambitious, he always
tells Cher what he is thinking, even if it's something
that she doesn't want to hear. He jokes with her, but also shows deep care and concern for her.

Dionne: She is Cher's best friend. She helps
Cher perform her "charity duties". She is also rich
and spoiled like Cher.
Cher first believes that she is doing
something good and "charitable"
by helping Tai change her self-image.

In the film, as a first person narrative, we are constantly hearing Cher's self perception,
and we see her transform the way she thinks.

We see this change of self perception in Tai's character as well, after a "near death experience", she feels empowered in her new found popularity. We see this as she lashes out at Cher when she express's her feelings for Josh.
Dominent Culture

Cher and Dionne are the most popular girls at their high school. They feel that, because of this, they are entitled to certain privledges and that they are free to stereotype the other cliques on campus.

Social Class
When Cher tries to set up Tai with Elton (a popular, rich classmate) Elton replies by saying that he could never date Tai because of his social status.

When first tinkering with the idea of increasing Tai's popularity, Dionne is not at all on board. She says, "
She is toe up, our stock would plummet...
" Cher, while gazing at Tai endearingly, innocently says "
Don't you want to use your popularity for a good cause?
This shows that they are recognizing that Tai is in a different social class than they are.

Cher continually neglects Tai's attraction to a stoner, skater boy, and the obvious chemistry between them, because she believes that Tai could be and should be dating someone more popular.

Forcing is resolving a conflict according to ones personal agenda with no regards to any of the other parties involved.

When Cher is attempting to make Tai popular, she steers Tai away from the skater boy because she is afraid that it will hurt her image, which would in turn ruin her plans to transform Tai into one of the popular girls.
Later- After Tai expresses her feelings for Josh to Cher, Cher again steers Tai away from something, Josh, because Cher has her own romantic feelings for him.
She then realizes through herself and
from the help
of Josh that everyone is
special and unique
in their own way.
This concept is based off of physical appearance. throughout the film this is a major theme in how people are grouped.
When Tai first makes her appearance
in the tennis ball court, she is
dressed in sneakers, pants and
a flannel t-shirt. When Cher and
Dionne look at her they are
already judging her on how
she presented herself.
As the movie goes on and she begins to identify with the popular group more and more, we see her transformation in the way she dresse's and presents herself to the public.
The whole theme of this movie is oriented around romance. Each conflict seems to arise from a relationship with a guy.
Tai and Elton almost getting
together, then Tai going crazy
when she realizes he wasn't
interested in her.


This concept is when someone takes a message and interprets it in a way other then the intended meaning of the sender.

"Do you have
any idea who
my father is?!?"
stereotyping is when one places people in a social group according to their appearance and interests.
In the scene below, Cher and Dionne are showing Tai around the school and explaining the different stereotypes within their school hierarchy. The jocks, slackers, nerds popular kids, etc. Each person belonging to a group. This is also an indication that their school is a high uncertainty avoidance culture, since each person has their place.
Cher has a strong sense of social perception in this film. Since she is one of the popular girls, she seems to confidently steer Tai on the path to popularity and teach her how to rise in the ranks of their high school culture.
It is only towards the end of the film when Cher begins to realize that not all of her social perceptions were completely accurate, especially on how significant they were to the characters overall happiness.
In this film cher is trying to set Tai up with a guy named elton. throughout this process, she is paying alot of attention to elton and her intentions are miscommunicated to elton leading him to believe that it was cher who was after him, not Tai.
In a similar situation later in the film, she runs into chrisian. whom she attempts to seduce. yet his interest in her is miscommunicated as romantic, only till she founds out his sexual orientation to not lie in her favor.
Then comes the conlfict arising between Tai and Cher over Josh, and it is a reoccuring theme of conflict in this film.
My communication style relates to this movie in the way that cher is forcing people according to her agenda throughout the film. She means well but is primarily concerned with her own satisfaction.
For me it is easy to get caught up in trying to help someone and forgeting that everyone has their own way of doing things and understanding them. it is very easy to forget that what might work really well for you may not exactly be the best for the person you are trying to help. For example when i train people i have to keep in mind that some people respond better to encouragement and others respond better to stern criticism.
Being a male it is hard to put myself into her shoes; however, I think i would have handled thhings much differently then cher did. I dont think i would be as understanding towards Tai after her lash out, and instead of meddeling with other peoples lives like her teachers, I would just set my focus on increasing my knowledge to get better grades the next semester.
This movie has realistic interpersonal communicatin concepts, and the relationships depict those concepts well. however, the characters within the film are unrealistic. they relationship between her and her father, the way that all of her schemes work out perfectly. the way she falls in love with her 18 year old step brother, and her fathers approval. the relationships are good, the communication examples are great, the actual plot of the film and story structure are the only things that take away from the realistic portrayal of interpersonal communication.
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