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Speaker Presentation Guidelines

No description

Leucepe Martinez

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Speaker Presentation Guidelines

Speaker Presentation Guidelines
Leucepe Martinez, Production Assistant
Of This Presentation

A Review Of Presentation Guidelines

A Review Of The Ideal Structure Of Your Presentation

Some Additional Considerations For Your Presentation
A Review Of Presentation Guidelines
Rehearse Before Presenting
Time & Pace Yourself
Keep Your Presentation To 15-20 Slides
The Ideal Structure Of Your Presentation
2-3 slides
as an intro to
your position and company

Briefly discuss your company and position


Engage Your Audience From The Start

Additional Considerations
To Wrap Things Up

We've put together this Prezi to aid you in the development of your presentations and showcase you as the thought leader that you are!

Familiarize yourself with your presentation

Practice your presentation in the slide show view
Allow for 5 minutes of audience questions

Give your audience enough time to review each slide
Don't overwhelm your audience with too many slides

Manage the timing of your slides

A rule of thumb when using slides:

1-2 slides per minute

Think About Your Audience
Please cater your presentation to speak to the senior decision maker at any given organization
The Meat Of Your Presentation

Goals Of This Presentation Included:

A discussion of overall best practices, including:
Thinking about your audience
Timing/pacing of your session

The ideal structure:
Brief introduction
Business case outline
Finishing with 3-4 take-aways

Additional considerations:
Be clear and concise when using statistics
Avoid reading your presentation
Use PowerPoint as a visual aid only

The Beginning

Limit the amount of
information on each slide

Tons of statistics are not
always needed

Thank You !
End With A Minimum Of

Key Take-Aways
Use visual references for an interactive
Discuss the Goals/Results You Hoped To Achieve
Present the results of your program

Provide metrics on how you measured your program or initiative

Discuss why you used these metrics
- They may have included resources
you were planning to use
Give It A Rest
Use PowerPoint as a visual aid only

Blank the screen if needed

Don't read your presentation

Consider asking the audience for questions throughout your session

The Meat of Your Presentation

Present the business case or initiative

Discuss the strategy or the decision-making process

Walk through the stake holders

Present a detailed outline of:
What worked
What didn't
Steps you followed
Tests that were run
Pitfalls to avoid
Future opportunities
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