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The Rosary

No description

Joyce Parsley

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Rosary

Isn't the Rosary a violation of the ban on repetitious prayer in Matthew 6:7?
What is the Rosary?
comes from Latin and means "a garland of roses"
1. Praying the rosary is a violation to repetitious prayer
Response to Objection 1:
Prayer is only repetitive if you believe that God is not going to hear you if you say it.
Response to Objection 2:
The definition of the very word "to pray" actually means "to ask".
Rose McLean and Joyce Parsley
Symbolizes the Virgin Mary
Devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary and consists of a set of specific prayers
Form of meditation
Mary appeared to Saint Dominic in the 12th century. She gave him the rosary and promised Dominic that if he spread devotion to it, his religious order would expand
Originally, the rosary had 150 beads, which is to be the same number of psalms in the Bible
Lay people heard Dominic reading psalms and wanted to join in, but the psalms were too long to remember and they could not print them because most could not read. That is how the prayer of 150 Hail Mary's came about because that would match up with 150 psalms
2. Many people believe that when you are praying the rosary, you are worshiping Mary
3. Praying with rosary is just superstitious
In Matthew 6:7 people think that Jesus is condemning or repetitive prayer, but that's false. If Jesus was we would be left with no thoughts as to how many times any prayers could be repeated. The disciples asked Jesus how many times they should pray. He never gave an exact amount of practice on how we should pray. It is no different to profess one's love over and over again.
Mark 14:32-42
Jesus praying in Gethsemane
Jesus repeats prayers
It is not worshiping as to what people may think.
People who are saying Hail Mary, don't worship Her any more than Gabriel did when he told Mary, "Hail full of Grace." (Luke 1:28)
Response to Objection 3:
Only if you use the prayer beads incorrectly it is superstitious.
It is perfectly okay to use the material beads when praying because it gives you aid.
By drawing us to more and better prayer the proper use sacramental offers actual graces, protection, health of the body and material blessing.
Saying it's superstitious would mean to pay too much attention to the object itself. You don't actually need beads to say the rosary because it is a set of vocal prayers and meditative prayers.
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