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Stanford prison experiment

No description

sage rentsch

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Stanford prison experiment

The experiment was canceled after only 6 day .
Well professor Zimbardo brought his girlfriend to see his experiment . She was sickened to see these young men being treated.

By the sixth day the guards had done some crazy things to the poisoner.

The guards did thing like this to make the prisoner feel powerless they abused the prisoners at the hands of their peers, they were taunted, stripped naked, couldn't sleep and forced to use plastic buckets as toilets.

Philip Zimbardo went power crazy himself, he was the runner of the experiment and the person who was going to stop the experiment. He only keep the experiment going out of his scientific need to see what would happen.
Stanford Prison Experiment
How It All Started
The Stanford prison experiment started because a collage professor named Philip Zimbardo wanted to see what would happen if he took regular stable collage students and put them in positions of power. Then the people that were not in power were prisoner. The prisoners were being watched to see what solitaire confinement would do to there mind and behavior. The prisoner were also there to see if they would stand up for themselves.
Prisoners~ a long white t-shirt ,with scratchy uncomfortable fabric
Guards~ Big dark sunglasses , tan t-shirts , hand cuffs , beating stick ,and whistle.
They were randomly split up into prisoners and guards . This way it would be fair. Both prisoners and guards were aware that it was randomly picked and the guards could have easily bin picked as a prisoner .
Day one
Day one was a pretty controlled controlled environment no body went crazy.

But one guard started to feel like he had all the power. This guard was mean from the start because he wanted to see if the prisoners would stand up to him.

The feeling for every one on the first day was award.

All the prisoner were brought in a police car to a police station. Once they were there, their fingers prints were taken, they had head shots, and were stripped and put in prison uniforms.

When they got to the prison they were stuffed into a room that was only big enough for two beds. These room had two people in each room with a bed for each person.
Day 6
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This is Phillip Zimbardo the psychologist at Stanford U. and director of the experiment
The Guards would stand and pace back and forth in this hall way while those room were turned into cells . one of the small closets were user to put prisoner in when they were acting up.
The Prison
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