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Korean War

No description

Leigh Risley

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Korean War

Korean War The War More on the war Political Cartoon Video of War time How did this effect society? Propaganda How the United States reacted The Fighting Will they ever reunite? What Started the Conflict? Leaders of the North and South Background ~There was conflict on the Korean peninsula.
~The war was between 1950 to 1953 between communist northern forces and non communist southern forces.
~It began when the north invaded the south in June 1950. Syngman Rhee for the South After World War Two became the pawn in the Cold War between the united states and the Soviet Union. The two counrties finally agreed that 38th parallel was where the country would split and the Soviets took the North and the US took the South The peninsula of Korea will never be reunited at this point in the war because the North will not even allow UN troops into there territory. ~ In June 1949 the United States removed all remaining forces from South Korea.
~They left behind a military of 500 men.
~When South Korea was attacked the U.S limited there commitment to air and naval forces in South Korea.
~Truman authorized MacArthur to have U.S ground combat to defend South Korea. ~ On June 25th, 1950 the Democratic People's Republic of Korea launched a surprise attack on the Republic of Korea.
~The plan was to stop the invasion and restore the integrity of the Republic of Korea.
~In July North Korea continued to press further into South Korea.
~ In September the South defeated the North and the North retreated but refused to surrender. Two propaganda posters for both the North and the South This is a cartoon in which North Korea has beat South Korea and the US is calling it a fault because they are on the South Korean side. ~The number of dead civilians was about 3 to 4 million
~About 1 million fled to the South from the North
~They expected to return to their land after the fighting stopped.
~Many left their close relatives. Leigh Risley What was happening? Painting of US troops under fire with North Korea Kim II Sung for the North This is the guarded land between north and south Korea Armed trucks crossing the 38th parallel General MacAurthor Turkish army soldier on duty in Korea South Korean Soldiers North Korea teaching children to fight the other side How it ended Refugees cross into South Korea Document Signed to end conflict http://news.findlaw.com/cnn/docs/korea/kwarmagr072753.html How the war ended After 2 years of negotiation the advisaries signed the armistice on July 27th, 1953. This agreement allowed POW's to live where they wanted, and drew a new boundary to the 38th parallel that gave South Korea 1,500 extra square miles and a 2 mile demilitarized zone that still exists today. The signing of the document South Korean Propaganda
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