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John Hudson

No description

Emmanuel Muldong

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of John Hudson

The Child Convict
John Hudson
John Hudson's Journey
Then John Hudson was just on the Ship called
Friendship traveling for months. A lot of people
had ended their misery except for John Hudson he didn't want to end his life yet he wanted to live so he stayed on board and tried to stay alive but after that no one knows if John Hudson lived or died so his life remains lost.
John Hudson's Mystery
John Hudson's Crime
John Hudson was a Chimney sweeper. He was a 9 year old orphan who had nobody that cared for him or looked after him. Poor John Hudson had to turn to crime to support himself as he was exploited by the people he worked for. He first appeared in the Newgate Gaol Register on 20 October 1783 because on 29 October he was indited for breaking, entering and stealing. Hudson was sentenced to seven years transportation at the Old Bailey on 10 December 1783 his name then first appears on the list of convicts to be transported to America.
John Hudson's Early
Life in Britain and Why Convicts
were transported
Many people who lived in Britain were poor. Lot of people didn't have jobs, that's when people started to steal. Convicts were transported to America first but after The War of Independence America refused to accept anymore convicts. Then Captain Cook said he found an empty land at the south so the convicts were transported to a land called Australia. Convicts were used to make farms and build houses.
John Hudson was then trialed for thieving at the Old Bailey Courthouse. The place was built with polished oak wood. The Officer decided to address John Hudson by asking 'How old are you?' John Hudson replied going on eleven'
The officer then asked 'Where is your
mother and Father?' John Hudson replied
in a sad mood 'Dead Sir'.
John Hudson started to thieve with a group of local kids. His gang would sneak into houses and steal bread or food they even stole sheets in case of a chilly night. John Hudson decided to leave the gang at the age of 10 after that John Hudson decided to rob a house alone. He threw a rock at the window and jumped right in. John Hudson took anything that looked good but then when he tried to find his way out he then looked up and saw the eyes of a patrol.
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