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wedding planner

No description

brittany williams

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of wedding planner

Brittany Williams The responsibilities for being a wedding planner is that you have to make sure you have everything that is need to plane a wedding. The flowers, the guest list, you have to make sure that the bride and groom are happy with what is going to happen. A high school diploma is all that is really needed, but in some cases some wedding planners have to have a bachlor's dagree. The range is 10,000 to 100,000 depending on the couple that is getting maried. you have to be nice to all of the couples that are getting married i mean they are nervous as it is so that would be helpful. Ithink that in ten years that wedding planning will be large because the more people we have the more weddings that will need to be planed any and every where is where it will be needed because if you fing the love of your life then you will need your wedding planed The customers that a wedding planner deals with are couples that want to het married The b2b relationship that a wedding planner twould have is that they have to make sure they have the cake form the cake maker and they have to get the flowers from they florist they have to have food for they wedding so that too. The math that is used fot being a wedding planner is you have to have a list of the number of people that are going to be there and they have to have enough stuff for all of the guess that are going to be at the wedding. Some problems that a wedding planner might have is that there are more people that were going to come so there for there is not enough food for every one or they groom is freaked out or the bride is freaking out because the groom is freaked out or they lost the reings or someone is late. there is lots of things that could go worng. You have to be able to work well with others like people that are not part of the wedding and the family, like you have to work well with the florist and the cake desinger and the company that is giving serving the food you have to be nice to the grooma dn the bride even of they are not nice to you because they are mostlikey stressed out more then yopu are. PICTURES :) the end :) <3
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