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Nik's Geography Log

No description

Nikolas Butcher

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Nik's Geography Log

Nik's Geography Learning Log
A round indent
in earth's surface.
The process of
Cutting down
A decline to
to a lower
Absolute Location
Latitude:8 Degrees S
Longitude:13 Degrees E
Relative Location of
To the West is the South
Atlantic Ocean
To the
South is Namibia.
To the North is
Democratic Republic
The Congo
Atlantic Ocean
What is Apartheid?
Apartheid was when the blacks
were separated from the whites.
Not many places were multiracial.
Most of the blacks came to cities
then went back to their families in rural areas.
What is HIV/AIDS?
HIV attacks T-cells
and makes copies of them.Once it copies enough T-cells an engrossed version of HIV called Aids comes.HIV is spread through West African chimpanzees,sexual contact,birth,and bodily fluids.There are medicines to slow down the virus but there is no cure.
The reason HIV is here is because of a type of West African chimpanzee.The chimp carries the disease.A way I think they could try to stop spreading the disease is to stop killing and eating the chimpanzees.It would also help to get the right medication to slow the virus.People have to realize that they have the virus so they don't spread the disease.
Main Points of The Egyptian Pyramids:
King Khufu's Great Pyramid.
Approximately How Long it Takes to Build a Pyramid.
The Great Sphinx
Mt. Kilimanjaro
It is over 10,000 feet tall
Lake Chad
Lake Chad is getting smaller
My favorite part about the Africa section was the women-micro entrepreneurs.I found it interesting that crushing peanuts into peanut butter was a huge business.
After I did my presentation I wanted to know why the egyptians built pyramids to bury their dead.After a little research this is what I came up with.The Egyptians buried their kings to get them ready for the after life.The pyramids were built to point at the stars so the kings could watch over their people.When ever a pyramid didn't get built before a king's death the city turned into chaos.

Asia has an arid and semiarid climate in all of the regions of Asia.Michigan rains and snows a lot but is more dead and dry in the fall and winter.In the summer in Michigan it is hot just like Asia.Yet the climates are very different because Michigan isn't warm all year round.
Arabian sea
Dead Sea
Black Sea
How might a valuable natural resource affect a region?
Some countries in Asia that bear lots of oil and use the money wisely for education.But other countries use the money to buy weapons for wars.Oil is a nonrenewable resource so it will eventually run out [sadly gas prices will keep going up ].Because oil is going to run out we are coming up with renewable resources like electric,solar,and wind energy.
The Persian Gulf War was a war over oil between Kuwait [defending] and Iraq [attacking].Iraq's dictator Haddam Hussein wasted all his oil money on weapons for the war.America got oil from Kuwait so we pushed Iraq out and the sore losers [Iraq] lit a bunch of crude oil wells on fire.
The similarities and differences between Muzlams, Jews, and Christians.
All of these religions believe that there is only one God or are monotheistic.But only Christians and Jews believe in Jesus/God.Muzlams believe that Jesus was just another prophet and they worship Allah.The Jews believe that God will come back one day as an earthly king.But Christians believe that God will be a heavenly king.The Torah is the Jewish holy book that is part of the Bible but is mostly law.The Koran is the Muzlams' holy book and it says that whoever doesn't believe in there religion the have to kill.The original fundamentalist Muzlams would kill people but the other groups of Muzlams would ease off of killing people.The Koran [doesn't exactly say to strap a bomb to themselves but]if you strap a bomb to yourself and walk into a crowd of unbelievers and blow them and yourself up you would go to heaven in the highest place also known as jihad.In some places sharia law is allowed.Sharia law gives you the opportunity to kill your wife [only men have the opportunity if she is unlawful to you or doesn't believe in the religion you want her to.
Where are primate cities located?

Most primate cities sites are located by water so you can ship tons of goods by boat.The situation of Istanbul is right in the middle of Europe and Asia.It is also connected to the Mediterranean sea so ships can go to a lot of other places to.Istanbul's capital city is not Istanbul because it was home to Greek and Roman people before it was home to the Turks.The primate city is Istanbul because it produces the most goods and has twice as many people as the next largest city
The History Of Istanbul
The Greeks were the first to appreciate the cities location and they named the land Byzantium.The land became part of the roman empire in 196 A.D. Almost 4 centuries later a roman emperor named Constantine moved his government there.In 330 A.D. he made Byzantium the capital city and renamed it Constantinople.The Hippodrome was built for horse racing,chariot racing,and other athletic advents.The western part of the empire fell in the late 400's but the Eastern part survived and became the Byzantine empire.A christian church called the Hagia Sophia was built in the 500's then in the 1400's the ottomans turned it into an Islamic mosque and is now a museum.That empire lasted for the next 1,000 years.By the 1300's ,a group of Turks called Ottomans began to conquer Southwest Asia.In 1453 the Ottomans took over Constantinople as well and renamed it Istanbul and made it the capital.In the 1700's the Topkapi Dagger was built it is asword covered in diamonds and emeralds.In 1922 the Ottoman empire fell apart and Istanbul became part of modern day Turkey.Istanbul wasn't the capital city after that but is today one of the worlds greatest primate cities.
How are humans affected by the changes they make to their physical environment ?
The Soviet Union decided to plant cotton in the desert land in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (a perfect place to grow cotton not to hot not to cold).So they decided to dam the rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea to give tons of water to their cotton crops.90% of the water behind the dams was being used to water cotton and only 10% of the water was flowing into the sea causing it to shrink.People came to get water from the sea but when it got to far away and to salty to drink causing water stress.There wasn't enough water flowing into the sea so the Aral became an inland sea and the salt had no place to go so the water was becoming salinized.With only a little water and a salty sea the species of fish went from 100,to 50,to 10,to 0 species (commercial fishing ended in 1982 causing environmental degradation).Because of all the salt the groundwater was eventually salinated so there were no wells with fresh water.
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