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Jackeline Davila

on 25 April 2014

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What is an Integer?
An Integer is a whole number; a number
that is not a fraction.
Multiplying/dividing integers
How to add/subtract integers?
adding/subtracting integers number line
Why are Integers
Integers are important because it can
help you with Bank money.
How to multiply/divide integers?
For example,-5 x -4=+20 you might be thinking how did I get that answer. Well what I did was to take out the negatives signs and I made them to a positive sign, then I multiplied my two positives numbers and that's how I got my answer. Now when you divide two different integers, your answer might end up being a negative number. For example,-12 divided by +4=-3.

When you multiply and divide positive or negative integers, you will get a positive integer as a result if both signs are the same. You will get a negative integer if the negative integer has a bigger quantity then the positive integer.
The easiest way you can add and subtract integers is by using a number line. The number line can be set up with positive numbers starting with 0, and negative numbers starting with 0 on the other side. Then depending on your question you would use the number line.
Using this time line it helps you
to find the answer.
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