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No description

Cayla Sydow

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Equinox

Our Utopia
Cayla, Siena, Carly, Taylor
Our government fell...
Government Capital
How It All Happened
Religions and beliefs are the base of our government system: beliefs and schools go hand-in-hand
The few starting religions/belief towns are: Christianity, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist or Non-believers (communities with no churches, filled with people who do not have any faith)
All marriage laws are based your "towns" beliefs
Holidays resulting in days off work or off school will coincide with the religion based town one lives in
To create a new religion the founders must go through a government process to validate and make the religion legal- only safe (non-law breaking) faiths will be permitted.
Our government is called Equatment: it is an egalitarian democracy
3 Leaders are voted on per labor division and represented in the government capital where laws are handled
The country has a curfew at midnight (except for all doctors and law enforcement)
Residents of Equinox must live in assigned areas in community
No murdering
No stealing or looting
No discrimination against all races, beliefs, sexuality, disabilities, etc.
Three Main Types of Offenses:
Green (minor)- punishment of decrease in credits for 3-9 months and community service
Yellow (serious)- decrease in credits for 12-36 months and community service
Red- Exile from Equinox
Children from birth to age 17 do not work; at age 18 the child becomes and adult and begins their career
Services are provided for everyone in the center of the community
Assisted suicide is permitted IF said person and religion leader allows it
Equinox is a neutral territory
Not War based: has military but is not the focus of society
Foreigners live in specific land for a year maximum
If foreigners have a desire to become a permanent citizen they must go through a long, prestigious process
Daily Life
From 8 a.m.-2 p.m. all children will report to their community schools and adults will attend their working areas and work only while kids are at school
After school and work families will attend an hour mass depending on religion: if living in a non-faithful town no mass is required to attend
Art, music, and athletics are encouraged but not forced...
there is a career section developed for them so leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. will continue to be carried-out
entertainment and performances will occur just as it does in today's society
any lessons, sports teams, and all other services to improve will still be available
entertainers and athletes will be average people with no extra income
Children live with the adults (their families) in the belief based towns while the elderly all live together in a smaller society within the Equinox.
The elderly will stop manual work at the age of 65 and move to their own separate community and be treated and cared for my the government
A huge medical community will be accessible to all of the Equinox citizens by ambulances and is located in the center of the country
There is a 6 child limit to each family
People with disabilities will be treated for as needed, but will still do work only jobs that are simpler for them to handle
E-credits: all necessities and goods will be paid with a "credit card" like material
There will be certain credits for every category of marketing goods
All credits will be distributed equally (based on amount of family members) every month
There is no "wealth" in our society, we believe everyone should be given enough supplies to survive, but to never thrive to be greater than others and obtain "wealth"
All energy sources will be powered through solar panels; they panel distributor will be owned by the government
Evolving Equality for Eternities
The Equinox
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