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No description

Omar T

on 13 April 2015

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and Diversification
Expanding to a new city
Entering a new type of client
Industry Analysis
Profit: $ 4.9 Billion, 34 751 businesses
Growth rate 2.8%
Threat of new entrant and Technology
Success Factor: Customer Satisfaction
Target Market : DDO
Marketing Strategies
Outsourcing to reduce costs
Expand to Quebec City in 2016

The intended niche (market segment)
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux (DDO)

2016: Downtown Quebec City

Unique Selling Point (U.S.P.)
Free Estimates
Free Consultation
Cheaper Price

TRFSUN was found in 2003 by Tariq Mansoor.

Services: Personal tax returns, monthly payroll, GST/QST statements for the quarter, corporate tax returns, financial statements, IFTA for transportation services, application for GST/QST number, application for permits, and more.

Goal: Offer an exceptional service experience to clients in order to build a genuine reputation.

Marketing Mix: Product/Service
TRFSUN Accounting and Tax Services
Individuals and Businesses

Marketing Mix: Price
Attempting to offer same service and same quality of work, but for cheaper price.
Customers: Price sensitive
Outsource2India: Data Entry
Minimal transportation fees

Marketing Mix: Place
Marketing Mix: Promotion
Currently: Mr. Mansoor’s home
July 2015: Moving to an office space in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux (DDO)
July 2016: Expected to expand to downtown Quebec City

Word of Mouth
Local Flyers
Distributing business cards in STM locations
Coming years: Cocktail Dinners and small events for clients and potential clients

Revenue Projections in Brief
2014: $61,887.46
2015: +15% (New office space + Outsourcing)
2016: +20% (Expansion + Outsourcing)
2017: +10% (Customer awareness and continual growth)

Startup Funds
Requires a small capital
Register corporation
Computer equipment and Software
Office furniture
Personal savings
Loan from Uncle
Expansion Funds
The Deal Structure
Started by Tariq Mansoor

Added his wife as a 50% shareholder
Both contribute in decision making
Both equally liable in legal issue

Planning to add a cousin in Quebec City as a 20% shareholder
Manage Quebec City office
Use her connections to get clients

Risk Management and
Contingency Plans
Dollard office not a big risk
Keep current clients
More office space
Quebec City office is more risky
Might be hard to find client
Might not be able to cover fixed cost
Be patient for the first 2 years
Cut losses and focus on Dollard office

Discussion of Cash Flow
Sales and salary expense not evenly distributed
Sales higher in first month of every quarter
Salary and office expense higher in the last month of each quarter

Discussion of Income
Sales increased 15% in first year, 20% in second and 10% in third
Due to effective and efficient business strategies

Used percentage of sales method to calculate expense accounts
Expenses increase in the same proportion as sales

Salary expense should decrease in 2015
Due to outsourcing data entry work
Saved about $6,000 in salary by spending $3,000 in outsourcing

Discussion of Income
Statements (2)
We had to make assumptions for fixed cost accounts
Computer software
Cost increase per license
Furniture and computer equipment
Unchanged accounts
Corporation cost
Bank fee

Balance Sheet 2012-2017
Sensitivity Analysis 2015
Break-Even Point Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Structure and Legal Status

Small business
Total of 6 people

Verbal communication

Canada Revenue Agency
9216-24789 Quebec Inc. (BN)

Service Flow Chart

Production Capacity & Facility

Handles 80 businesses, over 200 customers
Office expansion
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