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The Punic Wars

No description

Tyler cooper

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of The Punic Wars

WHY? * They both wanted to control Sicily *Rome decided that Carthage was too close to their city
*Rome wanted Carthage to join something called the Republic but Carthage refused. The Punic Wars 264 BC to 146 BC Raegan
Tyler Nick
Nicole *


* They were a series of wars between Carthage, a city in Africa, and Rome Rome and Carthage went to war. Both armies sent their troops to Sicily to fight Both civilizations had many allies. Brown is Carthage and its allies, and orange is Rome and its allies. Punic war #1 This war was taken place on the island of Sicily This war lasted from 218 BC - 202 BC. Punic Wars Who? What? *Rome forced the enemies out of Sicily and took control *In 264 BC war broke out Where? Punic War #2 Hannibal's troops rode on war elephants to scare enemies. * *The Roman dictator was Aulus Calatinus *The Carthage general was Hamilcar Barca Who? Hannibal was the Carthage general WHY? * Carthage was upset with Rome because their allies, the Numidians, were invading their land WHERE? * The war took place in Rome * It also was at Zama WHO WON? * The Romans defeated Carthage once again Punic war #3 * WHY? The Romans saw that Carthage was becoming powerful again * They wanted to get rid of Carthage for good. WHEN? *149 BC to 146 BC WHERE? * This war took place in Carthage WHO WON? *Rome won and burned Carthage
*They killed most of the people,and sold the rest into slavery * Then took over Northern Africa When? 264 BC- 241 BC AFTER THE WAR * After the war Rome took over Sicily, Corsica, Spain, and North Africa *Rome controlled most of the Mediterranean Sea *Rome decided that Carthage was too close to their city
*Rome wanted Carthage to join something called the Republic but Carthage refused. * Scipio Africanus was the Roman General WHO? *Scipio the Younger was the leader of the Roman army *Hastrubal was the Carthaginian general This is an example of what you would call a war elephant. Why? They both wanted control of Sicily. * They wanted to prevent threats from islands like this * Who WON? Rome won! * WHY? The Battle of Zama *Fought on October 19th, 202 BC *Marked the finale of the Second Punic War *Carthage loss more than 20,000 soldiers, while Rome only lost 2,500 *Rome beat Carthage on home turf The Battle of Carthage *Rome wanted to siege Carthage In 146 BC, Rome broke through Carthage's walls *After Rome had won, Scipio recited a poem from Homer's Odysseus. "The day shall come when Troy shall fall, and King Priam and all his warrior people with them."
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