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No description

Suzanne White

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Switzerland

A breathtaking trip to Switzerland!
Day activity:
-SkyGlide- soaring over Lake Lucerne
-Gondola ride down Mount Pilatus and over
serene hike trails
-KKL concert- concerts almost everyday(classical, pop, Jazz,etc.)
-Swiss chocolate adventure(Swiss Museum)

Population: 8.081 Million

Climate: In the North it is moderate. Winters are cold, while Summer is warm and sunny. Eastern region is mountainous which allows snow to form.

Hotels and food Lucerne
The Chedi Andermatt
Major Sports facilities ( ice-hockey, figure-skating, golf, swimming, basketball, rugby, skateboarding, climbing)
geography (lake, mountains, historical landmarks)
Festivals & Events (Carnivals, Blue Balls music fest, Rowing World cup)
Day Activity

-Outdoor ice-skating in the heart of Geneva
-CERN (Birth place for the World wide Web)
-The 'Schtroumpfs' (Smurf buildings)
-Visit Carouge, Geneva ( Bohemian atmosphere)
Hotels and food in Geneva
Le Richemond
-Glacier ArtyGlaces
-Cafe du Rond Point

-Da Ernesto
-Heini Conditorei
Geography- lake and mountains
Famous historical sights- The Chapel Bridge, The Lion Monument, and the Swiss Path.
facilities for ice-hockey, figure-skating, golf, swimming, basketball, rugby, skateboarding, climbing and more.

wealthy and stable
Modern Market Economy
$59210 - per capita income
Day Activity:
-Rhine Falls
-Appenzell (makes their own wine, cheese, beer)
-Zuri Fascht
-Visit Old Town (Altstadt)
-Shopping (Bahnhofstrasse)
Hotels and food in Zurich
Central Plaza Hotel
-Cafe Odeon (historic cafe
thathas been around for
over a century)
-Alpenrose (Swiss)
-Les Halles (Mediterranean)
-Confiserie Sprungli

Largest city in Switzerland
water views
mountains to rainforests
hundreds of museums (Swiss national, art, ethnographic, Landesmuseum, etc.)
historic landmarks (Grossmunster Churche, St. Peters Church, Fraumunster Churche, etc)
Suzanne White
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