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Briefing for Response Collectors


simon bland

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Briefing for Response Collectors

Briefing for Response Collectors
Purpose of this meeting
Share with you what has happened so far
Let you know what's happening next
Invite you to actively support the programme
Why Now?
Address the financial situation
Equip for the next generation
Meet the needs of the community
What are the Aims?
More people giving
People Giving More
More Tax refunds through Gift Aid
Greater Awareness of church life
How is it being done
contact list
Letters and leaflets
Social Event
Collecting responses
Thank You
and continued involvement
Key Things to remember
Everyone is expecting a call
You choose who you will call upon
You choose how much or how little you can do
Primary task is to collect the response, including the correct paperwork
What You will Need
Address labels
Spare information leaflet
Spare Gift Intention Form
Spare bankers order form
Tax ready reckoner sheet
Spare envelopes
Briefing for Response Collectors
Choosing the Call
Select the Household
Take the sticker and place it on a Reminder Form
If Yes
Collect the paperwork
offer spare envelope
assure confidentality
if No
Thank them for their interest
Extend a welcome and invitation to our church at any time
How to Proceed with a Yes
Everyone needs to have completed a gift intention form
It helps to know the chosen method of giving, such as:
The amount each week / month / quarter / year
The total annual amount
Place a dash in the tax refund box if not Gift Aiding
Selected method of payment
Paying by Banker's Order
Form needs to be filled in and returned to YOU along with the Gift Intention Form
Please don't let them send the form directly to their bank
The Visiting Pack
Badge and binder - one per visitor
Helpful guidance notes for the visitors
Copies of all the documentation
The Visit - what to do
After the visit
Report meetings
After you have called
Where possible always ask the households to place their response into one of the spare envelopes
Bring any comments to the Report meeting, (whether yes or no)
Remember the Pastoral opportunity
Simon Bland

Here to Help

Any Questions
Thank You
All those listed are sympathetic to the church
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