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Effective Comunication Skills

L3 IT Stuff

Andrew Power

on 16 November 2010

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Transcript of Effective Comunication Skills

Effective interpersonal skills Methods of communication Talking Techniques and cues Body Language Active engagement Nodding
Paraphasing Barriers Backgroud noise
Lack of concentration Types of Questions Open
Speed of responce There will be a time you want to do this People do different things to indicate their mood, for example if some one is crossing their arms and is looking away from you they are most likely dont want to talk to you. Try to phase out distractions by moving to a differnt room and talking there by having the consevation later. Should I do that essay now? Show your interest by nodding to agree and by looking at the person who's talking to you. Very your type of questions and try to avoid the same questions Look at the speed of their responce, if it is longer than usual try asking another question or repeating it Sign Language Lip Reading All of these can be used to Communicate with people and help you make a good relataionship Writing Positive and Negative Language Body Language Come on, why arn't you talking to me? Positive and Negative Language Be careful of what you say as it could land you in trouble with people Try to avoid negative language in conservations as it can
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